I’m a bad mom.

Because it is easier and faster to get my kids clean by shower they are normally cleaned in the shower.   As you can see by this image they LOVE the bath.  The next couple days I’m concentrating on getting ALL waiting personal images edited including all the edits I lost from a Lightroom Catalogue that became corrupt {5 months worth}.  This image came up and immediately made my day!   Those are my sweet babies who are right now napping peacefully in their room.

My baby sister, Gracie, took an image of me that I love even with my ratty looking hair.  Is it bad to love an image of yourself?  Of course, I want all my clients to feel this way about images I take of them, but it just feels weird to love an image of yourself.  This is what I feel like I look like to others.  Most of the images of me seem to have an odd face shape and wide features.

Those are my two confessions.  I don’t plan on making a habit of any kind of confessions type posts.  These two images just got me thinking.

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  1. You look stunning in that picture and you know I love the bath picture! I’m also glad to hear I’m not the only one who doesn’t like giving their children baths. Haven’t tried the shower though!

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