Day 2 of 2009

Today we went to return the breathing machine with the $25 rental fee. We have already received and used the one Donna sent to us this week. YOU ROCK, DONNA! Thanks again for dropping everything to help us out. My friend Mona also called me to offer the use of theirs. I love friends. We have really been blessed to meet a ton of great people here in North Carolina.

Madison decided no matter how tired she was to stay up and spend some time with me tonight. Guy had her for a little while, but she definitely wanted some good time with me. Also, with her not feeling well (same thing as Blake with a wheeze) she hasn’t been playing as much. We had a very nice long giggle tonight.

Once again I want to mention how wonderful our feeding chairs are (pictured below). We have the ‘expensive’ version of these chairs (I think Fisher Price around $50 each). They are invaluable! Tonight we went out to eat without them. The chairs Red Robin (YUM – yep just like the commercial jingle) were not comfortable, low to the table, non reclining (of course) and overall insufficient in helping us manage feeding the kiddos and ourselves pleasantly. We both ended up holding a bottle or popping in an occasional Cheerio with one hand and trying to feed ourselves hot food with the other. Guy lucked out by picking a seat leaving his right hand to feed himself. The babies are getting very good at holding their own bottles, but they could not do it sitting up at a right angle. Madison’s head was also barely above the table making it awkward for her to play with the toys. Blake kept falling into a reclined position with the hard wood in the middle of his back. He definitely didn’t like it.

Here are my reasons these chairs are so great:
Ease of use
Light – plastic
5 point harness
Easy to clean trays
3 point upright to recline adjustments
Comfortable for the babies
Stand alone – floor, table, bed or any other flat surface
Two adjustable straps to attach the chairs – to a chair, bar stool, golf cart…
Small footprint
Much less expensive then a traditional high chair
Handle to carry easily – two can be put together bottom to bottom and carried in one hand – I have also stacked stuff on them this way to carry even more

The seat cushion is ‘wipeable’ and not washable – Really not that big of a negative

On a table in the middle position
Babies 7 months 1208

middle position in a booth!!!
Babies 7 months 1642

Upright position with trays on the floor
Babies 7 months 1279

On the floor in full recline with pillows before they could hold their own bottles
Babies 7 months 1169

Resting after a bottle in the middle position watching Blake & I – It helps her not to chuck when she ‘rests’ after eating
Babies 6 months 496

There are more, but I’m tired and need to get crackin on the last photos I’m working on.

Here are our second self portraits.

This just represents my view of the car mirror with my habit of waiting until we are in the car to put on makeup. It is not because we have babies. I have been doing this for a long long time.
365 day 2 #2

Look you can almost see Guy’s face. I’m impressed he has already done something like this.
365 day 2 #1


  1. Wow, you look like you have you hands full. I looked at your photography blog site too, you do wonderful photos!
    Happy New Year!

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