Disney dreams on the Dream

First, let me just say that we are so excited to see the images we took on Saturday morning with my friend and fellow photographer, Christy of Be True Image.  It was a 97-100% humid morning with gorgeous light and two sweet locations.  Other then being wet from all the humidity it was perfection.  The kids all cooperated much better then I expected them too, Guy was patient despite little sleep/bronchitis/allergies/headache, and the dress I bought online without trying it on de-wrinkled without an iron and fit when I put it on mid session!  We even had a cool pink beach cruiser bicycle borrowed from our neighbors.  Anyway, it will be so fun to see what Christy captured of us.

As usual, I took an incredible amount of images while we were on our super fabulous and memorable Disney Cruise last week.  I haven’t even begun to pick out which images to share on this post or even what to say.  There. Is. Too. Much.  What follows will be my thoughts as I pick a few images to insert and will in no way cover the scale or scope of the experience.  We will not be going on another Disney cruise for a at least a few years since it is a been there done that kind of event for us.

Sooooooooo, I just pulled a “couple” images into the post.  Hmmmmm, try almost 40!  What is wrong with me?!?!  You know what that covers?  Oh, just from leaving to drive All day to the hotel until the ship starts to pull away from the dock the next day.  The real test is if I keep posting until the trip is covered.  🙂  Enjoy!

I nabbed this shot when I went to buckle Maddie in after breakfast.  We’d already driven two hours by then.   We headed out at 6am in the hopes we would have enough time in Port Canaveral to swim, watch some cruise ships leave, pick up some last minute items and get dinner.   The big kids were treated to a variety of movies including Toy Story.  Landon did great with entertaining himself with toys, watching the world go by and the kids.

The twins do not normally take naps, but Blake is the more susceptible of the two in taking an occasional nap.  Madison is a little like me, afraid to sleep in case she might miss something.  When I removed the headphones there were deep grooves in his face.

We made it to the hotel exactly when we wanted to which made us really happy.  This left us plenty of time to do what we wanted to before bed!

Once we got our gear up the room we headed out to shop and play.  Landon found out what a joy luggage carts are for kids!

After picking up the items we needed like some floaties, a hat for me and a pack of batteries we headed over to the beachside park at the end of the port island.  The kids played on the playground and then we headed over to the rocky part of the shore to watch the cruise ships depart.  There were two Carnival ships and a the brand new Disney ship that sailed past us.  Many of the people gathered on the decks and balcony’s waved excitedly to us as they left.

While the Carnival Dream was approaching we called Grandma so the kids could let her know we were watching the cruise ship we went on with her go by.  Fun times.  It got a little warm for us since we’re used to cooler temps so we piled into the air conditioned car to watch the last one go by {Disney}.

Next we headed over to Olive Garden where we got some grub to take back to our room.  Just after dinner we spent a great time, camera free, at the pool.  Landon climbed into bed with the twins for a few minutes before bed.  He loves to lay down with the big kids, especially Blake.   I know I missed the focus on this shot, but it so represents Landon’s satisfaction and delight in a night time cuddle with his siblings.

The next morning we made it to the ship after a decent breakfast at the hotel and a shuttle {the hotel offers a park and ride for cruises}.  The kids and I got into the line to see Mickey after we checked in.  Guy got in the line to check the kids into the kids program.  Maddie and Blake, who were both wearing their Mickey and Mini clothes, got in a fun game of chase n hide around a nearby table.

Mickey headed off to get on the ship and was replaced by Mini Mouse to Blake’s utter disappointment.  He did get in a little wave after chasing him down.  All was turned around by the time we got to Mini with Blake excited to see her too.

The family behind us in line split up just like Guy and I into the separate lines.  Funny enough both sets of us struck up conversations.  The dad was so nice to take this photo of us with Mini!

Thankfully, I thought to ask since this is what it would have been like!  I love Madison’s ‘Oh well’ gesture.

Boarding wasn’t quite available for us so we headed out to the viewing deck {pretty much empty compared to inside} to see the ship and feel the fresh air.

Maddie is our lover of the stroller.  She may just be the laziest 4 year old ever.  We tried to guess which balconies would be ours.

The kids all loved checking out the activity down below of the crew loading up the luggage and other supplies.  Landon has no sense of danger.  He’d have happily thrown himself right over those rails!

Our first up close look at the Dream.  They keep these cruise ships super clean & maintained inside & out!  I loved how there were vents in the bathrooms which helped the swim suits dry quickly in the shower/tub area {there are clothes lines that pull across the top} .  Other cruise ships we’ve been on haven’t had the vents.  Having bathtubs was also really cool!  We had played the odds by booking a cheaper class of balcony rooms called guaranteed staterooms.  We ended up with connecting rooms in the absolutely perfect spot midship right off the elevator on the 9th floor facing out the right side of the ship!

The kids didn’t mind waiting and found lots of ways to entertain themselves.  Landon was going after Guy here.

We got some yummy lunch then headed to check out our rooms.

We had a perfect view of where we were sitting earlier!  So cool.  Our rooms ended up being pretty much where we thought they were.

Where’s Landon?  Yep, if given any opportunity he’ll be outside.  The rails were super high as were the two chairs and table so he couldn’t climb up on them.  Yay, us.  We still didn’t leave him out there by himself {for all the worry warts}.

The pool was our next stop.  We even snuck our little swim diaper kiddo into the pool. 🙂   It wasn’t too crowded when we first got in.  All of us had a great time splashing around.

Blake is now totally comfortable going under water repeatedly!  Wohoop Whooop  He’s so cute and fun.

Landon loved the water.  Period.  He would have happily stayed in forever.  Yep.  Forever.

Madison headed up to take a ride on the big kid slide.

She loved it!  Though it never was open again when we went swimming.  Blake went up after her, but somehow came down before her.  We missed seeing him at all.

Guy had read online the big AquaDuck water slide had a lot of long lines all the time, but going right when you got on the ship the lines would be the shortest.  So we nabbed the opportunity to switch off watching Landon & a kid while the other two went for a ride.  Guy and Maddie headed up first.   Madison was definitely not ready yet.  She often assumes she will hate things before trying them, especially when it comes to food.  So Guy told her she just needed to go and get it done.  The boys and I played in the pool while those two took the climb up for their turn.  Oh yeah, she also likes to be carried whenever she can get us to lug her 45 pounds around.

Happy.  Happy.  Happy.

As much as these two wrestle together, they also love on each other.  It is stinking adorable.  I hope they are always close.

Seriously, this is a cool water slide.

Coming around the other side of the ship!

Maddie even popped her head over the edge to wave at us.  We ended up going on the water slides at least 6-7 times each switching off the twins.  We always seemed to go swimming when it was an off time so the lines weren’t long and the pool wasn’t too crowded.  One night we even went to the pool instead of the show.  At age 4, our kids appreciate pool time which comes with one on one play over sitting in a theater watching a show.

My sweet girl.

Blake and I coming out of the first big dip.  The water rushing up the ‘hill’ comes right over the back person {me} like an aqua massage.  It was great, but you can see from my face a bit of a surprise the first time.

The overly big smile with a wave.  🙂

We got changed and showed up just in time to watch the big sail away show.  We got the perfect late comer spot right off the stage.  It was great.  We were so close to all the performers.

Chip and Dale got some great giggles from the twins.

All of the Disney clubhouse characters showed up on stage.  Well, not Pete, but I’m pretty sure the size thing would make that an impossible character to do live.

Mini giving us a moment.  All the characters made sure to turn and look at us at some point when they were on stage.

Can you imagine jumping around in these costumes?  Me neither, but I’m so glad there are people willing to do that.  Us Disney fans love it!!!

Goofy is my personal favorite.  Maybe Blake’s too.

M. I. C…  K. E. Y..    M. O. U. S. E.

Pluto is waving to Blake here from back stage!   It really was a cool spot.

Maddie loved this!

Fun and exciting.

Goof again

And Pluto who payed us the most attention of all the characters.

Landon figured out he is pretty mobile now a days…

He decided to get his own snacks while the rest of us watched the ship start to pull away from the dock.

Then he wanted to get in on the action at the rail.

Anytime we had him anywhere near a railing we had to securely hold onto him.  He kept trying to go over.   Once again he was completely happy to be outside.  Do I keep repeating this?  Well, he loves to be outside.  🙂

Blake being his usual animated self talking about us leaving.

He was just checking it all out.

The rain had held off perfectly for us to have the big show and see the initial pulling away from the dock.   Here it is coming in at us so we headed in shortly after this through a small door with about 50 other people trying to get in quickly.

Landon waving bye!

So this only brings us to sharing about the time up until the boat left.  lol

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