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My quest to lose 8 pounds in 10 days is almost complete.  I’ll weigh in for the last time upon waking tomorrow morning.  As of this morning I lost 4.8 pounds which makes me very happy!

It was time for me to get a complete physical.  It’s been a long time.  When I called to make my appointment you could have knocked me over with a feather that it would be two different appointments.   Ahh, the signs that tell you age is creeping up faster then you could ever imagine.  No more quick semi naked visits to the doctor for me.  Now its extra blood work, x-ray, EKG, Totally naked & much longer visits.  The good news is my blood work, x-ray & EKG all came back great!  My cholesterol is actually low even with all the chips & salsa I eat…  🙂  My visit yesterday started off before I even went.  Upon getting ready to leave I saw that my legs hadn’t been shaved for way to long.  So into the shower I went. At the office the nurse talked to me for a while.  She is sweet if super smelly {heavy smoker}.   Then it was time to get undressed.  I like to keep my socks on.  It just feels better for some reason.  The doc came in and we chatted.  He went back out to get the nurse for the physical part of the exam which cracks me up.  As an infertility patient the male doctors never go get a female to come in for the exam.  Ha ha.  So all checked out well with me.  They also did an x-ray on my tail bone that has been hurting for the last six years.  If anything is wrong they will call me.  My other follow-up call today was to ask me to go in for a baseline mammogram.  Dang, I surely am getting old.

It really is the little moments in life that make life so worth every negative thing we go through.  For the rest of my days, I’ll remember how sweet it is to see my kids get up into our bed just so they can hang out in daddy and mommy’s space.  They love us.
Us Jan10_1020.jpg

Madison is clearly enjoying pulling the blanket up while Blake is slyly checking her out.
Us Jan10_1022.jpg

Those bangs.  I’m sooo happy they are almost grown out.
Us Jan10_1024.jpg

They have switched spots.
Us Jan10_1027.jpg

He gets more expression-able instead of less as he gets older.  I see the ‘Class Clown’ label in his future.
Us Jan10_1028.jpg

There is his daddy’s smile.
Us Jan10_1029.jpg

Even though she acts like Blake drives her crazy, she is always looking to him for approval or following him around the house.
Us Jan10_1030.jpg

I so don’t remember what he was laughing at, but love him!  Maddy is in her own little world.
Us Jan10_1033.jpg

Still happily doing his thing.  Still in her own little world.
Us Jan10_1034.jpg

He took off to be cuddly {maybe sit on her face} with Madison.
Us Jan10_1035.jpg

He is still so happy & she definitely does Not want him to be touching her.
Us Jan10_1036.jpg

Still no touch.
Us Jan10_1037.jpg

A minute later after a hug from me.
Us Jan10_1038.jpg

Now it’s her time to play around.  He still is doing his happy thing.
Us Jan10_1040.jpg

Wouldn’t it be nice if she actually left her barrettes, bows & rubber bands in her hair.
Us Jan10_1043.jpg

A little gangsta
Us Jan10_1047.jpg

I love her lips & deep blue eyes.
Us Jan10_1049.jpg

Fun times.
Us Jan10_1052.jpg

A very unedited picture of me with Madison.  See the India dot & other red mark are back?  The dot between my eyes & red mark on the side of my nose.  They are blood vessels at the surface.  There is also a pretty good shot of my forehead showing where I’m losing my skin pigmentation.  When I get tan the white spots are really noticeable.  Who cares!  I love that I have pictures with my kids.  Hopefully they will like them too.  As I tell most of my clients, kids remember you and do not care about any of our imperfections.  They love us no matter what.
Us Jan10_1054.jpg

We are off first thing in the morning for our plane ride to Miami & a fabulous cruise.  Woooo Hoooo!   I’ll be back on when we get back with pictures & stories.

Oh, Blake and Madison were both accident free today and BOTH kids pooped in the potty!   Oh yeah… Right on!!  Our kids totally Rock!


  1. Loved these pictures! Madison's hair is starting to look very little girlish and pretty! Blake is just so handsome! And I feel ya on the socks. I wear mine too, my attempt at not being naked!

  2. I love the new pics — that dark red blanket and the dark headboard really make the images stand out.

    And you look great — we are all imperfect and (physically) grow more so everyday. It doesn't matter, you have so much love in your life and that is perfect!

    I hope Miami is a blast!

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