Double cuteness – again

My friend, Allison, helped me to re-take the photos of the kids in the metal tub. They did not stand up in the tub like last time, but they gave me a hard time last time too. This time the wind was up a little making them cold whenever their little bodies were out. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot.

The classic shot from behind.
Babies 11 months 1760

The first moments of figuring it out and wonder.
Babies 11 months 1718

I love their faces in this. It also expresses how into Madison, Blake, has been lately. Too bad he can be a bit of a bully and she is really not very trusting of him right now.
Babies 11 months 1731

The next few are just of them having a great time with the bubbles being beaten out of the water…
Babies 11 months 1728

Babies 11 months 1734

Babies 11 months 1742

They are often very comfortable with each other.
Babies 11 months 1758

Babies 11 months 1765

Babies 11 months 1755

I hate the sidewalk in the background but love them here.
Babies 11 months 1752

Ahhh, laughter.
Babies 11 months 1746

Why is Madison crying? Because we took her brother away from her!
Babies 11 months 1769

Allison was trying to wrangle Anderson away from checking out the neighbors dog. Blake was just enjoying the free ride she was giving. Doesn’t she look great with two kids? It would be great if they can have another one.
Babies 11 months 1784

But she got over it pretty quickly and was down to business.
Babies 11 months 1781

When it was her turn to get out for him to get back in she had fun sitting in the chair.
Babies 11 months 1786

Blake was like, “Alright, back in the water!”
Babies 11 months 1791

This is such a sweet photo.
Babies 11 months 1797

Love it.
Babies 11 months 1804

Babies 11 months 1816

What is he craning his neck for? To look at a car.
Babies 11 months 1820

Babies 11 months 1826

The next three shots are so cute.
Babies 11 months 1835

Babies 11 months 1837

Babies 11 months 1838

Love the kisses! They haven’t been doing it much lately with her new found distrust of him so this was fun to see.


  1. I L-O-V-E these pics!!!! I wish I lived closer to you so you could take pics of my kids!

  2. AWESOME photos!!! Those would be so cute framed in ANYONE’s bathroom!

  3. OH Shannon these pics are great! They had so much fun! I love the sad face when you took Blake away from Madison though! And those kissing pictures, so sweet!

  4. These really are double cuteness! I love the ones, especially, where they are interacting: resting heads on each other, kisses and smiles! You are so talented. 🙂

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