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Hola, Shannon is at home with the little ones and I am working Off Duty (working as a police Officer for the Town, but being paid by the business) at the Hispanic grocery store in Garner. As for the title of the blog, that is where i have set up my office where i can both watch the store, and surf the web. Working here provides us a chance to make some extra money. It is pretty easy work, and not to mention the fact that i get to learn Spanish at the same time. For example the phrases of the day are dónde está el baño? and cuánto mide? I have been asked them the most. However there is one that I am really trying to learn, that will be covered at the end of my post.

We are settling back in at home after our wonderful trip to Atlanta to visit G’pa, Grammy Rowen, and Auntie Gracie. We had a good week, however i have one thing to say about Atl…..Wow is it freaking humid there. I though N.C was bad, but Atl has us beat by a long shot. One night Grace, Shannon and I took the little ones for a walk around the neighborhood, eek it was nasty, i have not sweat so much in my life.

We were able to stay at a Place that Carmon and Judy have up at a lake 15 miles from their home. I was sceptical at first due to the warnings that were given from the Rowen’s as to the condition of the place. The comments were, it is allot nicer than it looks from the outside, and it is a converted boat storage shed. Once we arrived I was pleasantly surprised, it was really nice, in fact from what i could tell it was the Hilton compared to some of the others. If you have ever heard the country music song “Redneck Yaught Club’, i think that it was written about this community. The Rowen’s are in no way rednecks, but the others who live in the Park appear to be. We took some pictures to share of the nice “Cabin” as we all call it.

We would wake up around 6am with the babies, eat some breakfast and take a ride on the golf cart around the lake. It was so nice, Blake sat in front with me and Madison was in the back with Shannon. We took the babies portable high chairs which strapped on to the seat and made for a very secure ride for them (the high chairs have restraints already on them for the kids). We would go to the house around 9 to catch Carmon and Judy on their mid-day break. It was a very nice visit. I am sure Shannon will cover some of the highlights herself.

I have to be honest with you though, I am traveled-out. I say this as we are 2 weeks away from our trip to Phoenix. So for future reference, if you want to see the kids and us, pack a suitcase and come your dang self. Don’t get me wrong the kids are great travelers, its just all of the stuff, sheesh! I don’t mind packing up and going somewhere, i just hate packing up and heading home. Come to think of it, i hated that before the kids, they have nothing to do with it. I will say though to all of those parents who suggested to travel at night when the kids are sleeping, HOGWASH, it didn’t help.

Well i am rambling, even though Shannon will say it is great. I am going to end it with a story. Warning…..I have tried to make it as PG13 as i can.

Alright, so i am working night shift the last week and at around 10:00pm i am riding down a main road, I was actually on the lookout for Motorcycle thieves in a specific area. I looked to my right at a street that dead ends 2o ft from the road i was on and noticed a minivan parked in the dead end with the dome light on. Now given the time of night, and the location we as Law enforcement tend to know what is going on, that being said it is my duty to investigate. I had to go around 2 other streets to meet the dead end road and the subjects. I pulled up with my lights off and at the last minute spotlighted the vehicle. Ha…Ha… I had caught them, and caught them i did ( I think that we all know what i mean by that, if you don’t, and you are wondering what I mean or you are young, I caught them lighting firecrackers which are illegal, very illegal, especially if you are not married ).

They were a Hispanic couple in their mid 50’s, she was a little on the pudgy side, alright, allot on the pudgy side. That gets me to the other phrase that i would like to learn in Spanish (please tell her to put some clothes on!)

Have a good day, we love all of you!


  1. That might be a good phrase to learn in garner!~ but you’ll have to check with Mando because I would probably teach you to tell them to take off their hat or something!
    lighting firecrackers…thats great-

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