Family photos!

We had a friend of ours, Aleesha, take some family photos of us last week the night before we left for Utah. I’m so happy with how they came out and just finished editing them. Here are a few of the ones I liked. When we all have a finger out we were singing 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. Both of the kids LOVE this song and love to shake their finger ‘no’. Aleesha also took some shots of me with each kiddo and me with both of them. Though they did NOT like the funny textures on their feet so the ones of me with both kids didn’t really come out. There are some wonderful candid moments I absolutely love. Now I just have to pick one for a wall photo in our home. That will be really hard! I think it is finally time to order a gallery wrapped canvas. YAY!

WH blog post June 15 09

Our trip here to Utah is going great! Most people would hate a trip with lots of thunderstorms and cool weather. I absolutely love it! The day time temps have been in the 60’s almost the whole time with loads of clouds and the occasional storm. We have been able to spend lots of time with Guy’s parents. There have been the usual hazards of drama, broken down car, run away dog and stressful moments, but the overall trip has been quite pleasant with tons of memorable moments. Guy and I both very much enjoyed going to the temple for the sealing of his nephew. There is such a marvelous spirit there which fills me up with pure joy. I pretty much cried happy tears through the whole thing. My normal MO is to cry at least once during church too! I’m not a blubberer, but I do have tears tracking down my cheeks anytime I get to feel the spirit strongly. It would be so cool to go for a long drive far away from all the houses to get some great open sky scenery shots. That probably will not happen this trip. One of my missionary companions stopped by last night for a visit. She looks just the same and has the most adorable kids. Her son got a little adventurous while they were here trying to give his mom a coronary. lol Something about boys being able to go to the bathroom anywhere leading them to try just about anywhere! Most of Guy’s sisters and his brother were all here for this visit as well. We have had lots of fun hanging out, taking photos and, of course, eating. There is this completely yummy place the girls introduced me to called Cafe Rio. YUM! We’ve now been there twice. So far we’ve been able to take some senior pics of our niece, Marci, some prego shots of his sister, Ngaire, a few couple shots of his sister, Melia, some family shots of his brother, Jamie, some family and random shots of our nephew, Andrew’s, wedding, and tons of pics of everyone with our kids or messing around. I may have a photo shoot Tuesday, too!

Madison is still refusing to walk. In fact she is starting to do it less now probably because I back up when she is walking to me! Both of the kiddos are very interested in learning how to use a fork and spoon. They don’t eat as much, but they are determined to try. Maddy also pointed at her bum today and said, “Poo” as well as pointed at her bum right after pooing this evening to let Guy know she needed a change. That is the first time she’s really been aware of her dirty diaper needing attention. Right on! Blake is busy charming the pants off anyone who will pay attention to him. He is now starting to talk to more people besides Guy and I. He has learned quite a few words while here though some of them are very similar to each other. He loves to come get someone and take them to what he wants or wants them to see. I’m also happy to report they do well using their sippy cups all the time, and they are only drinking milk twice a day now.


  1. Those last two are great – I LOVE the one where G and M are looking in the same direction, and you and B are looking in the same direction. You totally need to get a wrapped canvas! I also really like the one of you and little girl. I can't believe she is being so stubborn about walking! Great about the diaper, though.
    Hope the trip goes well!

  2. What great family pictures! I'm so glad you got Guy in these and he looks fantastic. The kids of course are still more beautiful every picture and look so much like toddlers (not babies anymore). WOW!

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