Family pictures Fall 2013

Our family pictures have always happened in the spring around the kids birthdays.  Since all three kids were born April 18-20th it makes it an easy easy time to remember capturing our family in images.  Self times and remote controls are not my thing.  There always seems to be something that goes wrong with a setting or focus, not to mention the obvious lack of an entertaining person to smile at!  We I love having a great photographer capture our family playing and smiling each year.  This was the first time we had a family session in the fall.  Now I am finally seeing from a mom point of view why fall is such a great time to do it!

How many times have you heard someone say {or thought it yourself} how they wished they had a or more pictures of them with their parent/s?  Probably too many times to count!  As parents it is one of our great responsibilities to be in pictures with our kids for them to reminisce and enjoy later in life.  The funny part is…  Later is just a few months down the road.  My kids have now delighted in reliving our family picture day a few weeks ago.  They laugh and talk about it as if they were still there.  It prompts them to offer up words of love with hugs, which is my favorite part!

Here are the pages for an album design of our favorite session images.  Can’t wait to have an album in hand and hang a big collage of gallery wrapped canvas prints on the walls of our new home!!!

My friend Morgan Henderson of Morgan Henderson Photography captured these images for us!!!   We all loved the experience and her great personality!!!


Oh, and happy anniversary to my awesome Guy!!!