First day of making the babies food!

Runny food is going great. They already had cereal to combat the acid reflux. We have introduced peas, carrots, squash and green beans. Tonight we had our first home made carrots. I can’t believe how easy it was to pop some in the rice cooker/steamer and blend it up with our Magic Bullet. The Magic Bullet is really cool because it has a built in storage system in the same containers I blend it up in. I’ve decided not to do the freezing because twins eat more and I just steam enough to make 3-4 meals of a certain item. Also, I can steam several different foods together at the same time without making them a mixed food. We will wait a couple more weeks for that since we started solids a bit early. Currently we are doing morning and right before bed feedings. The babies have added about 2 hours to their first sleep of the night since starting the runny foods.

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  1. Mom looks so cute with the babies!!! OMG, I can't believe how big Madison & Blake are getting! Tell them that their Auntie Lin said to stop growing immediately!

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