Food is lovely

No, this photo is not of food as the title implies. lol It was taken on some random trip outside our hotel. Most likely in CA since those are popular there.

This week was very interesting in the food department. My issues with food are going away. I’m feeling more normal in my timing of food. It is no longer a necessity to have food every single 1-2 hours depending on how big the last meal was. Now I’m getting back to my ‘normal’ 3-4 hours between meals. Very nice. The second trimester is definitely bringing me up to feeling more normal and not like a total wuss.

We were invited to our friends house on Sunday night. David & Nicole Sweeney. David stayed with us while they were separated due to his job relocation. Then the whole family came to stay with us the two weeks we were in Australia. It worked out perfectly for all of us. They had sold the old house the day we left and the new one would be ready the same day we were expected back. They needed a place to stay and we needed a Moose sitter. So they saved us $400 in boarding charges and we lent them a comfy place instead of a weekly motel. We had pot roast and played a great game called Catch Phrase. Never played it before and will definitely be buying it sometime. The boys won 2-1 rounds. They will gloat forever, I’m sure.

Monday my friend Melissa B. (since I also have Melissa A. in AZ) invited me over for dinner. Yummy! We always have interesting conversations. Her husband is very opinionated like me. She also made pot roast, but on the rotisserie cooker. The conversation at one point turned to who we thought would end up president of the US. Hmmmm. No consensus about who our countries people will vote for. It is in no way a clear cut race for either party or candidate.

Yesterday we were invited to Richard & Allison’s house. Rich works with Guy at the police department. Allison is the cutest pregnant person I have ever seen. She does not look like she is 3 days form her full term 40 week mark! No swelling, just a baby bump, no waddle. We had lasagna. They showed us the 3D video they had done of the baby 10 weeks ago. It was really cool. They are waiting to find out the sex. She is going to be induced on Saturday so they will find out soon enough. I loved their house. Very pretty.

Today we had a big ham dinner at work with everyone bringing in something. There was tons of food, and we are all waddling around the office trying to stay awake till it’s time to go home. I even ate a couple bites of pecan pie. For not being a desert person it was quite tasty. I have the late shift today and get off at 5:30 pm. Hopefully Tawni and Sam have left and are on their way. Sam got off work at 1pm and they were hoping to leave at 2pm. That would get them here about 6pm when I get home. Tomorrow we will have a roast for Thanksgiving. Do you think I’ll be roasted out after tomorrow? lol

Oh, and you may have noticed. I finally figured out how to create seperate paragraphs in HTML. Not as easy as hitting the ‘enter’ button.

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