For my cousin Mar

Here are some of the interior spaces of my mom and grandma’s house. No one had a chance to clean or straighten so it is what it is. There are a couple of my mom getting ready to take us to the airport and for work. The living room and dining room are on either side of the double door entry.

The kitchen is next. Beyond the kitchen in the shadows is the family foom with the massive big screen TV. There is a large pantry which includes a full size freezer on the right side of the family room.

This photo is of the hallway the three bedrooms and common bath are off of.

This is the master bath vanity and shower. The shower feels comfy and warm when using it. There is a fakey fakey plant in there at the far end which actually helps provide the mood. I love the rainbath head with its adjustable height as well as the second movable head which can opperate at the same time or seperately.

This is the large master closet with mom getting ready. She has a vanity table and storage in front of her. The second shot is from the bedroom towards the master entry.

This next one is looking into the master bedroom. The bed actually does look very nice when made. And she does make it almost every day. The last one is looking into grandma’s bathroom.