I feel so lucky!  Not only did I find that memory card, but it is still able to be read after going through the wash and dryer in my pants.  Now, I must say that I am not so careless with cards that contain my clients images :-).  And, I must admit that this has happened to me more then a couple times before where a memory card with personal stuff on it has gone through the wash.  Not once has the card been destroyed or the images on it lost.  My cameras use compact flash cards.  I’m just putting it out there in case it happens to someone else.

This image could definitely have been lost forever with no care from me.  I was playing with motion shots while we were driving to see what impressions, textures and patterns showed up.


However, there are so many cute ones of Blake riding on his tricycle.



And Guy took some fun images of the kids helping me bring the garbage can back in.  They love to help with this and jump at the chance.  I mean, really, how often does Guy take some pictures with me in them?  Ummm, hardly ever!  This isn’t a vain thing, but I really think it is important for kids to have lots of images of them with their parents.  For me it is partly a morbid thought and partly a memory trigger.  The morbid part comes into play if anything were to happen to me making any image with us in it together special for the kids.  The memory trigger comes into play when they are grown looking back at their young lives.

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  1. I am just now catching up on your posts! You have such a cute baby bump! Way to be a stylish pregnant lady! =) Love this one of Blake with his trike. Maybe you can keep the kids loving to take in/out the trash can through their teen years?

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