Freak of Nature reigns supreme

We went to the pediatrician for Landon’s 6 month well baby check up yesterday on his 6 month birthday.

He had been giving Guy and I a couple sleepless nights with either a cold or teething.  We’re still not sure.  After waking up at 5 am, he finally was tired and fell asleep about 3 minutes out from the doctors office about 9 am.  He even transferred to the stroller with almost no complaint going back to sleep within minutes.  After waking him up to start our doctors visit he barely made a peep and became our normal happiest baby ever within a few minutes.  He amazes me.


The pediatrician I finally decided I like the best at our practice is very nice.  She is a bit chatty like me, and she seems to remember us.  She also accepts whatever I say without telling me I’m wrong.  lol  My opinion is not often that of the average parent.

Anyway, onto the statistics…

Landon has a head circumference of 46.7 {cm most likely} which is greater then the 97%.  In other words over the chart.  This is up from the 75th percentile at his 4 month visit.  She said she would be worried by such an increase in growth if it didn’t bring him right up to proportional with his height and weight!  ha

Landon’s weight now comes in at 24 lbs and 4 oz which is greater then 97%.  He is still quite a bit above the 97% mark on the chart by about quarter to a half inch.  He is a heavy dude.  This kid has tons of natural muscles which help him sit up unassisted for a long time, pull himself to a sitting position when holding onto something and pull himself to standing.  He also just started to get up onto his knees rocking back and forth as well as going backwards after getting up on his knees.  He turns from front to back well, but he doesn’t really seem to be inclined to roll around yet.

Now for the height of our little Landon Bug.  This crazy little dude is even higher above the charts then he was the last visit.  He stands at 30.5 inches tall.  YIKES!   He has grown 7 1/4 inches since he was born 6 months ago.  The average child grows 10 inches in their first 12 months.

He grabs things and reaches out for lots of items now.





Landon has his first tooth on the bottom right.  He seems to be working on getting the other three of the normal first four right now.  The little gums are all swelling with tooth bulbs.


He loves to laugh at us.

We love how he hugs us when we hold him to our chest.  With me he will often grab a chunk of hair to hang onto as he snuggles with me.


He loves to go riding in the car and loves when the windows are down.  Everyone in the family enjoys the windows down except Blake.  You would think he was dying like the wicked witch of the East melts with water.  Landon and I generally have the windows down when coming home from or taking the kids to school.  Poor Madison is always upset we have to have the windows up most of the time.


The big kids are so funny now that they are in school.  We are always amazed at the things they now know.

One of the things I love about Blake and Madison are their descriptions of darkness.  There is light dark, blue dark and black dark.  lol    I think all of our favorites is the gorgeous color of blue dark.