Fun & Rain

It’s a perfect day to post about this day back in August. I had to reschedule today’s photo shoot because it was 100% chance of rain. When is it ever 100% chance? lol Luckily their schedule will also be good for tomorrow. Cool rainy days are my favorite. I love the chill & gloominess with the sound of soft rain. There is just nothing more calm and homey to me. Grabbing a blanket & a book was the old way to enjoy such days. Now I have the super cuddly Madison who also thoroughly enjoys the fantastic feel of a blanket!

The Con Agra plant that had an explosion this summer is right by us in the town Guy works for. They had a huge picnic for the employees & their families as well as the town employees. We saw some friends there who made great companions to enjoy the meal. We met David when we hosted him in our home for a month while his family was in the process of moving here, and we fell in love with their sweet family. Nicole keeps everyone entertained almost anywhere she goes. She also sweetly brought over some clothes this week to donate to Blake’s wardrobe.

While we were out on the playground after eating the rain started spitting at us. To me the clouds didn’t look so bad. Luckily, Blake and I were close to the pavilion when the clouds unloaded. Not so much for Guy & Madison! It was a mad scramble for them to make it to dryness. Once again I was wrong when Guy suggested we leave & I thought it would all let up soon. We barely made it into the car when the heavy rain started again! It’s a good think I listen to Guy’s suggestions most of the time. He’s like my mom, usually right…
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