General thoughts about recent events

I just dressed Madison in a tank top (last Thursday). Does anyone else who is LDS feel like you are dressing your kid indecently when putting them in a tank? We have one for both of them, but we haven’t actually put one on until now.

Madison was definitely ready for solid food. She kept watching us every time we ate with her little mouth working, then about 4 days ago she dive bombed my mouth as I was eating a pretzel. So I broke down and started giving her (and a little to Blake who still isn’t really ready) some of the cereal we have on hand. She loves it and is a super clean eater for a newbie. I’m really amazed. She also already gets easily frustrated if I’m not feeding it to her fast enough. Very funny. Blake just plays with it and sees how far he can spit it while making faces. He is also done in about five little bites.

Today at church Sister Linda Keaton (there is more then one Keaton) was about 20 feet away from us. She motioned if she could hold Blake. He was very good for her. After about 30 minutes Madison was tired of having him in her sights but far from her so she started fussing. Luckily Guy and I had been watching her stare him down and act like she wanted him. I got up and went to sit next to them with Madison. She calmed right down when she was within touching distance from him. It didn’t matter that most of the time he wasn’t even looking at her. Then Heidi Keaton in the row behind us asked for Madison. Both babies were absolutely lovely for everyone that held them during the Sacrament meeting.

Another thing we have ‘caught’ the babies doing is talking to each other. They will stare at each other and talk back and forth. So far they are only doing it about once a day. I’m so excited to see them developing a love and bond with each other.

Blake finally has enough hair to create a faux hawk. Guy gave him one today, but no photo was taken since we should have plenty of opportunities for that later.

Speaking of later opportunities… For about the last month I have been really thinking what it would mean if one of the babies died. I’ve even talked about it with my friend Amanda and a couple of others. This last week my friend who was pregnant with me lost her baby boy after he became entangled in a blanket during a dinner time nap. What a terrible accident. Especially having thought about it so much this last month I can say only that there is no way I can come close to understanding the depth of their grief and loss. Most of us ladies who know the family have shed many a tear since we found out. As with any other Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints funeral I have ever attended I felt so much better at the end of the service then the feelings I came with. The family has such a beautiful testimony of the eternal nature of life and God’s infinite wisdom in allowing us to experience all of the joys and sorrows in this life. Little Carson has certainly touched and taught us many things in his short life and death at only 6 months old.

We spent most of the time in Georgia just hanging out with the family which was very nice. We did manage to make it to IKEA and the Australian bakery though. It was great to reconnect with family.

On Friday Maren invited quite a few of us ladies and our kids over to hang out. Yay for friends! I had a wonderful time. It’s funny, even if I handle just as many kid tasks as normal it still doesn’t feel like it because of the company and taking care of others kids for fun. When Ruth’s twins Shanna and Hailey woke up from their nap I picked them both up for a cuddle at the same time. They were SOOOO much easier to hold then Blake and Madison. I’m thinking it’s because they are able to hold onto me as well making it much easier to handle. We even had a great political talk when it was down to three of us.

I have about 500 pictures to process with a looming trip to Phoenix. My though is that I’ll be able to catch up on my personal photos in about a month!!!! Lol This Thursday the young women Mia Maid group (14 &15 year olds) are coming over for a makup, hair and photo shoot. I also have the Simpson photos to finish as well as about 3-4 families wanting photos soon. Yay, for those photography events coming up and not so yay for personal photo time. Maybe only a few photos can be done for you guys to see. But anyone who knows me well at all knows I have an editing problem because I like too many photos for different reasons…