Great husband, Great day, Great insurance relief

I am so thankful for Guy!  Not only is he a fabulous husband and dad, but he is also mechanically minded.  He has a fabulous mind that can take a bit to look at something and figure it out.  Tonight it was super hot in our kitchen.  It’s always hot in the afternoon in our kitchen with the sun shinning in the back window and door.  It triggered something in Guy’s mind though.  He noticed that no air was coming out of the vent under the kitchen sink.  Nada.  Nothing.  He went to investigate leaving us to huddle on the floor next to each other by the open vent.  After a while we heard the rustling which got Blake super excited.  He called out to ‘Dad’ who answered him back.  It was definitely the highlight of his day.  They also loved when Guy shined the flashlight up the vent as well as the old Cheerio and upside down dead bug.  
Guy found trouble.  The drip pan drip pan drain was plugged which caused that particular 27 foot long piece of ductwork to become flooded collapsing the inside in on itself.  He poked a hole in it draining out about a gallon of water.  The duct started working again pumping a real nice musty smell into the house which is just something a pregnant woman wants to hit her already hyper sensitive olfactory senses.  Our awesome friend, Travis, lead Guy to check the drip pan & confirmed he could pick up replacement ductwork at Lowe’s.  Guy fixed the clogged drain, and we all headed to Lowe’s.  The parts cost $45 dollars, and we saved a ton with Guy doing the labor.  The air now blows super cold and super strong in the kitchen.  Better then it has since we moved in over two years ago.  No wonder our electric bill was about $40 higher then normal for that month of the year.  
Over the weekend we went to an Australian Rules Football game {otherwise known as Footy} with our local North Carolina Hawks against the Florida Saints.  Our team didn’t win mostly for not playing the ball as they were trying to play the man going for the ball instead.  It’s pretty hard to gain control of the ball if you don’t go for the ball.  We enjoyed ourselves so much.  The kids Love to be out and about.  Typically we don’t have any meltdowns while out and about since they enjoy themselves so much.  I love love this image of Blake reaching over to lay his hand on Guy’s arm while he watched the game.  
Us Aug10_1135
Blake wondering why I keep calling him to look at me.  He started out with this really cool faux hawk, but the muggy heat made short work of any hairdo.  Watch how Blake’s hair goes from sort of dry here to super soaked as the images go on.  
Us Aug10_1136
Madison is telling me about the ball as she watches the players handle it.  
Us Aug10_1137
Our first spot wasn’t the best with a couple sitting in front of us.  We moved a little closer to the field and over to the side of them.  Madison decided to help out by taking her chair over, and she actually took it all the way over to the new spot.  
Us Aug10_1138
Before we left the house that day we told the kids where we were going.  Blake immediately went over to the bucket of balls in their room to pull out a Footy to bring.  Madison decided she wanted one too and grabbed the volleyball calling it a footy.  lol  Even after she was reminded it was a volleyball she wanted to bring it with us.  They both carried their balls from the car to our spot on the sidelines, took care of them while there and carried them back to the car.  
Us Aug10_1140
This face cracks me up.  With the bright sun/bright clouds and ill fitted sunnies Blake was squinting badly.  
Us Aug10_1142
During halftime Guy and Blake played with the footy.  This shot makes Blake’s hands look massive for a 2 year old.  He loved playing ball with Guy.
Us Aug10_1143
He threw the ball strait up here and was so proudly watching his handiwork.
Us Aug10_1144
Madison threw her ball then threw a fit it was far from her.  Blake ran to get it for her little hot diva self.  She’s lucky she has such a nice caring brother.  Guy and I were telling her to go get it herself since she threw it over there.
Us Aug10_1146
Throw the ball up then jump in excitement as you watch it come back down!  
Us Aug10_1147
Then get it back to throw it to daddy.
Us Aug10_1150
This picture may not be cute to anyone else, but I was there.  She was so into watching the people walk by.  As a person or group would pass her she would grab her dress and sway to whatever song was in her head as she watched them walk away.
Us Aug10_1152
Blake tagged along with Guy to go visit someone he knows who had a dog with them.  
Us Aug10_1154
Madison could not miss out even though we all know she would freak out a bit over the dog.  I love that even though she knew they would see a dog over there she decided to face her fear to be with her family and experience what Blake wanted to do.  She ended up actually petting the dog which was a huge accomplishment for her.  
Us Aug10_1155
The kids love to take pictures and love to take them of us most of all.  I was trying to help Blake see through the viewfinder until he saw me and push the button.  He wasn’t getting it that day making me laugh.  The reflection is pretty cool though.
Us Aug10_1156
The kids spent the last few minutes of half time running around like mad.  
Us Aug10_1159
Us Aug10_1161
Blake often has his hand up to his face when he is giggling.  I was playing with him like he would get tickled for the next few shots.
Us Aug10_1167
Us Aug10_1168
Notice the super soaked hair.
Us Aug10_1169
My cute family with our chairs crammed under the shade of the one umbrella!
Us Aug10_1170
I took five shots and got one person looking at the camera smiling in each one of them.  lol  They definitely didn’t have their timing right.  
Us Aug10_1171
Then I realized that I hadn’t taken any images of the game!  Oooops.  Footy is a game that is played on an oval field the size of a polo field.  It’s huge.  Since my portrait business doesn’t need a telephoto lens we don’t have one.  Luckly there was some action close the sideline we sat by.  Even though you can see the players waiting on the sideline hopefully you can see where the action is.  
Us Aug10_1173
I love to see plays where the players are getting major air.  
Us Aug10_1176
The last shot of my super sweaty boy.  Guess what?  The kids didn’t have to go to the bathroom once while out there.  lol  Who did?  I’m pretty sure that port a potty didn’t see any action with as much sweating as everyone there did.  
Us Aug10_1177
My friend and I started a weekly playgroup.  Today was the second week.  It has already been a ton of fun.  The kids were so excited when Emily and her twins walked up to the door.  Madison ran through the living room into the kitchen shouting at the top of her lungs, “Who’s here. Who’s here!  Who’s here to  see us!!”  It was so cute.  The kids all did great playing with each other!  We only had a couple issues to break up, and a snack time to get to quickly for the low blood sugar toddlers.  lol  Food is always a good fix.  
Still can’t believe we are going to have a baby!  Oh, my.  It definitely doesn’t feel real despite the nausea and other symptoms.   Since Guy is covered under a group plan we can cancel my individual non maternity policy and add me to his.  So as of October 1st I will have maternity coverage!!!!  YAY!!  Huge financial concern is now resolved.  This has definitely helped us get more excited for our super surprise miracle baby.  *Local ladies…  I’m looking for an OB who supports VBAC’s {vaginal birth after cesarean} and delivers at a somewhat close hospital.  My labor with the twins, Blake, was so fast I don’t want a 40 minute drive to Rex again in case this one comes faster.  


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