Great weather and good moods

Blake and Madison on the bed last night.

Blake is chillin and Madison is trying to stand up. Her socks look like soccer socks.

Madison’s hands

Blakes ear

Madison’s ear

Both babies making faces

Blake crying and Madison smiling

It has been another successful night and day alone with the babies. My house still is an unorganized wreck, but the babies are happy and mommy has had enough sleep.

Currently they are resting on the guest bed. I had them in the Moby wrap, but we were all getting a bit hot since they had their sleepers on still. Madison is definitely a tummy sleeper. We only let her sleep on her tummy during the day though when we are up to watch her. Blake is pretty content in any position.

This morning my friend Mona brought us over dinner, vitamin waters, a huge can of formula and a big pack of diapers. I was really looking forward to hanging out chatting and seeing two of her kids. She thought they were all over being sick when we set up the hang out today, but her baby girl is showing signs of getting sick as of this morning. So they were only able to drop by for a minute leaving the baby in the car.

My visiting teachers from church also came by this morning. I already knew Nicole as her husband boarded with us for a month and they house sat for us when we went to Australia last year. We have hung out with them a couple of times. My other visiting teacher is Heather. Heather brought her cute daughter and Nicole brought both boys. The boys have LOVED Moose since they stayed at our house. They constantly ask Nicole to bring them over to see Moose. Now that we live a little closer and she is my VT they will get to come over and see him more often. It was so nice to have visiting teachers over during the day. Working full time I haven’t had that before so it was really cool.

We’re trying to get tickets to Utah where we want to get the babies blessed so most of Guy’s family can be there and some of mine can drive up from AZ. The cheapest we found is $950 with them as lap children! It used to be as cheap as $500. Mum and Dad called to offer

Well, any semblance of a good mood is completely gone as Guy and I are at eat others throats right now. It is truly ugly.