Guy is a rock star

Today was Guy’s first day off. We got so much done. HE got so much done. Wow! Our house already looks 10 times better then it has since we got home from Utah. And I have still had time to work on pictures today. We also took Madison to get her x-ray finally. It is all clear. She had to get an x-ray of her hips since she is a girl, breach birth and a twin. All three make it a definate request by the Ped.

Today is day three of cloth diapering. It is much easier then either of us thought it would be. Of course we did not enjoy changing a poopie cloth diaper on the road today. And Blake gave us that special present just as we arrived at the radiology office. This happens to be the office that does not have ANY baby changing stations. How rude! Since I refuse to put a baby on the bathroom floor we had to use a bench in the waiting room. It was stinky. Then the wet bag I had doesn’t seal all the way. So when we were at BJ’s it was busy leaking stinky air into the Envoy… On the way home we also had something fall over onto the bag which expelled a sudden waft of stinky air our way. We decided to use sposies when we’re out for a while. Other then todays incedent the cloth are pretty cool. We are modifying our original wash schedule. The twins seem to poop in the morning most of the time. I was starting the laundry as we went to bed. So tomorrow we are waiting until they poop to start the wash in the hopes that there are no poopie diapes mouldering in the hamper.