Guys B-day, babies check up & Tawni visit

The kids on my lap while I’m trying to write in the blog.

The kids asleeep on daddy.

A close up of Madison

A close up of Blake

Them holding hands

Hungry Madison trying to suck on Blake’s fingers (he was already crying)

Guy is now 32 years old. We spent his birthday cleaning, doing photography and shopping. He said it was still a good birthday though. He said he’ll really be old when he turns 35. Stinker! I’ll be 35 my next birthday. lol We borrowed Rick’s carpet cleaner (for the millionth time) to clean the carpets. It looks fantastic.

The babies had a great check up on Thursday. They both gained over 2 pounds the last three weeks. Blake is now 8 pounds and Madison is now 9 pounds 8 ounces. The pediatrician was able to observe Madison breast feeding, bottle feeding and passing painful gas. He thinks she has reflux. We are now on day 1 1/2 of giving her the new Zantac prescription, and we have seen a minor improvement so far. We also switched her to the Gentle Ease formula which is super stinky. That seems to be coming back up a little more then the old formula so far to me. We got two small cans of it from the doc and a post card for a free case.

I was talking to Tawni on the phone Thursday. Guy said they should come visit this weekend and they did. It has turned out to be a major blessing. Tawni couldn’t sleep last night and helped with the babies. I had another ‘episode’ of dehydration and was no help to anyone for the 7 painful hours it took for me to feel normal again. Sam helped Guy do a lot of things today as well. They put up two ceiling fans and moved another one. They got mulch and fixed up the front landscaping. They also washed and waxed all the cars.

Rich and Allison also came by today. They brought us dinner and we took pictures of Anderson. He is about 6 months old now and super cute. They came out very well.

Tawni and I spent most of the day taking care of babies and finding time to nap.


  1. hey shannon! it’s mary from the multiples board on baby center. go to our board and check out vanessa’s recent comment. when i read it, your “episodes” came to mind. could it be the same thing??

  2. Hey Shannon!
    The babies are so beautiful! Good Job!!! I hope you are hanging in there with all the adjustments/changes…its exhausting with just one, I can only imagine what its like with two!
    Take Care!
    Sheri and Gene

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