Guys day out while in Utah

Check out my Bro in Law’s blog for some photos and commentary on the guys day out a week ago.
Jamie’s blog

The babies were able to see ALL of their grandparents within 3 days in 3 states! When we left Utah where Nanny & Poppy are our flight was about one hour late. We arrived just in time to get on the connecting flight in Phoenix, but the gate agent told us the flight was completely full so we couldn’t use the car seat. She did say if we were willing to get in 2 1/2 hours later the next flight is wide open. We decided it was well worth it. This allowed enough time for my mom to borrow a car from a coworker and meet us in the terminal parking garage. She got about 25 minutes with the kids. Right now I am in Atlanta visiting and picking up our dog. But I think we are giving the dog to my family here who completely fell in love with him.
My mom with Maddy in her arms and Blake being the mobile child he is.
Babies 9 months 2028

Here is a peek at Madison’s one leg crawl!
Babies 9 months 2002


  1. Hey sis, thanks for including me and the boys on your blog. lol
    I did mess up though. i said we went to the east side of Utah Laje when it was actually the west side. Surprised Guy has not corrected me yet. Love ya bro!

  2. I am so glad that you got to see the grandparents! I love the idea too of stopping at a hotel for a break. Thanks for sharing. ALSO, the photo of you and the kids in front of your house was soo cute. Any more remodeling pictures to post?

  3. Hey! About the heprin, since I am on bedrest I am more likely to get blood clots. Plus, since I have been bleeding my body is naturally trying to clot my blog. (Though I am not really bleeding anymore.) My doctor has me on a low dose, that has a short life. So I get it twice a day. Hope you’re doing well!

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