Guy’s first day back to work

Last night I received some very sad news. Molly’s mother passed away. She had her kidneys removed and was waiting for a transplant. However, she never really recovered from the removal of her kidneys since they couldn’t get a transplant before they had to be removed. How does anyone cope with the loss of a parent especially when they are way to young? Molly and Eric are due to come visit in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait and hope we will get to spend some quality time together. It will be their first visit I will not have to work during (or moving/giving birth!). We met Molly’s parents during our last visit to see them in Cincinnati. What a wonderful family and they are all very close. She will certainly be missed by all that have known her.

Last night was my first night taking care of the babies by myself. I think we’re going to have to move into the babies room and the living room soon so Guy can sleep without the noise and lights. And to keep myself awake I watch TV when they are up. Especially because the shortest feeding is still taking an hour and forty-five minutes. The longer ones take three hours. Both of the kids did well last night and my sleep totalled up to almost six hours. Not bad. Guy got about the same or a bit more.

Madison is getting a bit calmer when she eats, but she is definitely in pain with all of her gas. Many times the stress and/or pain of trying to fart and poo makes her cry and chuck up. She chucks up both formula and breast milk. And she has diaper rash pretty bad too. I think we’ll be switching her over to the cloth diapers pretty quick. The only thing is we have about 800 of the size one diapers which is still probably too many for them both to use all of before they grow out of them. Blake is starting to get out of the newborn diapers so we are just finishing the last pack with him this week. He is growing steadily now. He gained another few ounces the last few days and is now up to 7 1/2 pounds.

Yesterday I gave them both a bath with me in the bath too. It was much easier on the back and a lot of fun. The both liked the water until it started to cool down. Blake was pooing before the bath and I kept feeding him anyway. Well the strain of taking a dump caused him to empty the contents of his stomach. It was all over my chest and luckily I was using a big blanket as my burp cloth as it was going to the laundry basket next. If it had been a regular burp cloth it also would have been all over our bed too!

Guy is not having a good first day back at work. He ended up waking on and off the last two hours of his sleep when the babies were being loud (and the TV). He forgot his lunch. And his work computer’s car power supply wasn’t working. Hopefully the rest of the day goes well for him.