Happy Halloween 2013!!!

Halloween is so much fun.  One of the amazing things about being part of a church community is the, well for lack of a different word…


I’m from a very very large metro area.  Phoenix, AZ.  It is so large with millions and millions of people spread across the valley floor and beyond.  We have lived in the Garner, NC are for 8 years now.  With each successive year it feels more wonderful.  We know more people.  We feel more intertwined in all of its doings.  Our church family is a large part of feeling of right and love.

How funny.  This wasn’t at all the direction my blog post was going to take.  My original thoughts were just to mention our family celebrated Halloween with our church family last Friday.  Then on Wednesday the kids got to wear their costumes again for a school party.  Yesterday we headed out after school to the Garner business trick or treat at White Deer Park.  Different business and community organizations set up tables periodically along a mile long path handing out candy, flyers and the requisite toothpaste {when did toothpaste become a thing???}.  

We dressed alongside the car and set of excitedly to meet up with Guy who had to arrive separately.

We had our dragon/lizard, sherif Woody and Cinderella.

Being as how Guy wasn’t there yet, there was no one to rush me past a pretty site for a picture of the kids.  Yes, he, like most men, have little patience for stops not on task.

I quite love the resulting image.

Landon’s costume does have wings, but he did not think they were for him.  Thus, our little dragon was affectionately called a lizard.

This face kills me!

My little Blake is so ‘On Task’ with a serious quest to do the best he can.  Here, he was convinced that his hat would come off without his knowing it.  After a while he finally figured out it would stay on just fine  and relaxed.  

{man unknown}  Landon was lagging behind until I told him daddy was ahead.  

Little did we know he was actually coming from the side and behind us!  After getting a tap on his shoulder, Landon backed away until he realized it was his dad.  lol  This is where it starts to dawn on him it is his dad. 

At the beginning of a long event they are always so peppy and happy.  Twoards the end it was all….  “Mom, I’m tired. My tummy hurts.  Can I have a candy now?”

For the past year, I’ve been pretty obsessed with color images.  All of a sudden my love love of B&W images is back!  Did I mention yet it was a warm and balmy 75 degrees yesterday with thick low clouds?   Awesome!!!  It is never fun to pile on layers under, over or around costumes.Back to this image!  I adore Landon holding Guy’s hand, a little part of Maddie and Blake looking back.  :

They were checking out each others beginning hauls.  Soon the boys buckets were overflowing.

“Dad, I need to tell you someping.”

There are times I wished Landon looked 2.  He TOTALLY got Halloween.  He loved every moment of taking his bucket, saying trick or treat and watching his stash get larger and larger.  He was the only one who had to have a candy while actively trick or treating.  He would get there first, then circle back around the other kids to hit up the person for another offering.  lol  We tried to curtail this, of course, and teach him to only go once, wait his turn and the like.  If we weren’t super hawk eye watching the stinker, he was off to the next station or checking out the music blasting from the middle of the park.  Seeing a 4 year old kid isn’t a worry.  If you see a 1 or 2 year old apparently separated from their parents it is a worry.  Had he gotten farther away from us then he did, people would be unlikely to worry much seeing him not next to a parent.  Scary.

The kids were all excited about the pinwheels.  Of course, we passed one on the ground which I did not pick up after making sure we had our three.  Not 10 minutes later  Maddie has lost her pinwheel.  Why, oh why, did I not listen to the prompting to pick up that stray pinwheel??

This girl is soooo pretty to me.  I adore her.

The fall color is finally taking hold this last day of October.  

Towards the end when the kids steps got heavier, spirits lagged and the cowboy hat was toooo much for Blake’s head, daddy saves the day with head and hands full of kids items.  No, he isn’t mad, he’s just a big intimidating Guy with a strait face.

Guy took off to get his car while we stopped to give everyone an opportunity to veg & do their own thing. 

Madison Loved the teeth.

Blake had a tougher time figuring it out.

And wasn’t super excited to wear them…  She wore hers for 20-30 minutes.  lol

Even though we called Landon a lizard since he didn’t wear the dragon wings.  He called himself a dragon exclusively, because he loved to roar with his hands up in claws.  Too bad no one was paying him attention.  

Mad ran on ahead to the car so she could peal off her itchy dress that had already been half off most of the time.  🙂  That’s my girl.  Loves the dresses and hates itchy seams.  Landon followed suit asking for his costume off as soon as his feet were in the car.  The car looked like we had been living in it with so many clothes items, lunch pails, shoes, hoodies, candies, camera bag and more strewn about.  Guy had to help me get it all in the house.