Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

I have a great post half finished. Part of the reason is so many things keep happening I’d like to add. The other part is any spare moment is dedicated to designing the new website, blog, shopping cart & attacking the redo of all our paperwork. Those cute design helps for great wall displays in your home will also be offered as packages in the shopping cart to make like really easy! Love it!

Our friends just had a baby boy I get to photograph tomorrow. It will be my youngest newborn session yet at only 5 days old. The younger the better! In honor of his birth I made a cool new stork pouch with a picture off the internet and a knitting ring. Give me a pattern and it will be a failure. Give me a photo, memory, idea or item in person and I can make it. How weird is that. I really don’t even know how to knit and did it! OK, so it was finished off with crochet since I had no idea how to get it off the ring and finished.

It’s now a waiting game for my cycle to start so we can begin our fertility treatment. The gamble on waiting to order my meds until today paid off. I ordered about 1/2 the drugs I need which set us back about $200. One drug they prescribe I’ve never had to use and our out of pocket cost alone is $300. I decided to hold off on it so we can get a better guess as the time gets closer. Then if they want me to take it I can get it the next day. You know, going at this a second time after being sucessful {having Blake & Madison}, I find the road much easier to navigate. There isn’t this HUGE learning curve there was the first 5 years.

I’ve also lined up a friend for going to the doctor with me. Since my appointments will be me getting a vaginal ultra sound it would be hard {try almost impossible} for me to take them by myself. Yeah, I don’t think they would appreciate me trying to take them into the room with me! Though really, if it came down to it, I would take them and darn those docs anyway if they didn’t wanted to treat me with them in tow.

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