Happy Sunday

The photos posted yesterday now have comments to say who is who.

Today we took the babies to church. Guy and I were up for the third feeding of the night and decided to go to our old ward (congregation) we just moved out of. There was the perfect amount of time for us to get ready and be there on time. What a great plan. It was so nice to see everyone and show off the babies to our friends and acquaintances. There were also a few others who had recently had babies we were also able to see.

Our house is really feeling like home now. There is still plenty to do for us to get put in it’s place and unpack. Guy is really happy my mom is here freeing him to get a few more projects done. I’m also feeling more able to do things every day. Now if I would just drink more the unfortunate instances of dehydration would pass.

My mom is having a great time holding the babies as much as possible. She has Madison on her chest right now. Both of them woke up for this last feeding and didn’t eat much at all before falling asleep. We are trying to get them back on the boobie for feedings. It’s been difficult since they got the thrush. But it is getting better. Blake is a very lazy eater and will not open his mouth very wide most of the time. Madison is a frantic eater and will not calm down generally until she’s eaten at least an ounce from a bottle first. She will shake her head back and forth and cry until she gets fed the way she wants to be fed.


  1. Shannon and Guy, how very, very adorable. I’m so glad you have invited me to view your blog. I can stay in touch and see how beautiful your two bundles of joy are. They are so precious. I can watch them grow and hear all about them. Thank you so much. Love ya, Sharon

  2. Oh, how lovely. I am so jealous that I do not get to hold them yet. Love and miss you guys = Melia.

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