Hayride – Finally….

These are photos from our hay ride back in October. The rest of the photos are here.

This shot idea just popped into my head when we were all getting ready to climb back into the wagon. There were peeps on both sides ready to jump for the babies should they (Madison) fall over.
Babies 6 months 325

Notice anything in this photo that is not typical of a farm scene? The coffin maybe? Nope, it is not a Halloween prop. I asked Joy why there was a coffin in their field. She said many many years ago it fell off a truck on the road by the farm. Her grandad put it in the field when no one came back to get it. They did use the coffin as a Halloween prop when there was electricity by it to operate some gag legs that looked like they were wiggling to get out. What interesting and cool stories we can here when we pay attention and ask questions in life!!!
Babies 6 months 320

Blake & Madison looking at a bunny rabbit. I just propped them up on their knees. The bunny was so interesting they just stayed there. Our arms certainly appreciated it! They are little hefty things.
Babies 6 months 308

Blake just reached in to pet the bunny ever so gently. I’m sure Moose wishes he would learn to do that at home.
Babies 6 months 306

Here I am with the kids. Little Mady was pretty much done with our trip. Blake was crying in a few of the shots too. Oh look, I have my hair in a pony tail…
Babies 6 months 344

My girl!
Babies 6 months 282

My girl and boy! We took a few pics while the kids were picking feed corn to give to the animals.
Babies 6 months 283

The kids were begging to hold the babies over and over again. The babies were quite tolerant of being passed around and gripped by other little people.
Babies 6 months 293

More kids.
Babies 6 months 265

This picture screams fall! I really should have done something about the book in the bottom of the frame, but I just noticed it.
Babies 6 months 292