Her first doll

Madison has been showing signs of being ready for a doll. Though I really think Blake may be more interested then she is. We’re more then happy for him to group play with her and her stuff, but we will not be getting him a doll. Nope. Not even a boy doll. We looked at dolls last time we were in Wal-Mart. That was a very frustrating experience. Our store has been under renovations of late. When they moved the toys into one area they did not mark any of them well. There was no way I could figure out what doll cost what. Needless to say we didn’t buy her a doll.

Today I was driven to the store because we had NO milk and very little food in the cupboards. As we pulled up to the store the sky on one side of us was cloudy with some sun. On the other side of us it was very dark and encroaching quickly. I pulled into a spot close to the cart return where people were getting in their car. I apologized for pulling in while their door was still open and asked for their cart. I ran around the car, pulled out Blake quickly, followed by Madison across the car, and we ran for the store. We did get wet, but not soaked. The whole time we were in there we could here it coming down hard, then a little softer, then hard again.

I ended up going through the toy aisle where they had some dolls. They were all the same brand with 4 doll personality options. I held up two at a time to see what Madison would pick. Each time she looked back and forth then went for the one on her right. There was one she never put her eyes on much so I took the remaining three and put them on the floor about 4 feet away. I put here down. She walked over to them and went right for the one I wasn’t too fond of. Go figure! It was one she picked out 3 of the 6 times I gave her options so it was the one.

Once we got home I went about getting all the ties & other crap surrounding it or holding it in place. She wanted nothing to do with it. It does smell quite disgusting with the new plastic smell. A while later I tried using some Fabreeze on it. It definitely doesn’t smell as bad now so she will pick it up and carry it. She definitely did not want it in her arms like she does her bear and bunny for naps and night night. I left it in the crib so we’ll see if it’s still in there in the morning. Not likely since they throw all their stuff back and forth then out onto the floor during their morning antics. They usually play for about 20-45 minutes in their cribs in the morning. I think they would play longer, but one of them normally poops then requests a change by yelling for me.