I forgot to mention two things

Guy and I completely forgot our anniversary! So if we forget any birthdays take comfort in the fact we can’t even remember our own anniversary!

The last four days have been been dog drama. The next door neighbors kept their dog on a 10 foot chain under a tree in their back yard. I never saw anyone in the 7 months we have lived here play with the dog. About 4 weeks ago we saw someone moving stuff out of the house. Since then there has been even less activity at the house then normal for our reclusive neighbors. Guy saw the dog roaming around four days ago and put him back on the chain. That night I was up when something got up on the front porch scarring me. It turned out we saw the dog loose again. The next day I heard the neighbor kids on the other side of us yelling. They were telling the dog to go home and were backed into their garage. This dog is almost as tall as I am on his hind legs. Since he is a jumper I know this for sure :-(. I rescued the kids and took the dog back next door. He was on a slip chain with no collar. I fixed the chain to keep him from slipping out, and asked the kids to give him some water. I don’t think they did though. The next day another neighbor from down the street rang the doorbell with the dog in tow. Did I ever mention my husband is a police officer with a take home car the neighbors all think gives him special powers? lol He obviously wanted to leave the dog with me. He still had on the slip chain, but he had chewed through the cable chain to get free. This is when I really began to think the neighbors had abandoned him with no food or water. The neighbor who brought him over put him on the back porch of the neighbors house. Guy and I thought hard trying to think when we last saw a car next door. It had definitely been a few days for sure maybe longer. No one came home last night. This morning he was out roaming again. I put Moose’s food and water in the house with the dog door closed off. The dog was definitely eager to come into our backyard. He made a beeline for the food out for him. He also drank about 30 oz of water. Animal services picked him up a couple hours later. It made me so sad to see him go even though I know we couldn’t keep him.


  1. We had a stray dog at my parents when I was there. It hung out for a couple of days and chewed up an umbrella stroller. Awesome pictures of your cute kids!!! They’re lucky to have a photographer mom!!!

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