I Heart Faces entry – Sepia theme

This week is sepia for the subject, and this sepia shot of little Tori is one of my favorites this week. Aleesha – Check out my Flikr stream for the rest of the ones I did my editing take on. They will be on the photography blog in the next couple days.

Kids entry
Bake June09 1050

My adult entry is our adorable niece, Marci, who came down early the morning after her brother’s wedding (busy from 5am til 10pm) for her senior photo shoot. Karissa came with her, but camped out in the car part of the time due the unseasonably cool weather. Marci and I were warm after 3 minutes of running around taking her photos. Apparently I just happened to find a VERY popular spot in Lehi, UT photographers love. Yay me! It really is a great spot I’d love to shoot more photos at.

Adult entry
Witkamp Jun09 1415


  1. Your images are stunning! Just love the lil guy…with tongue sticking out…and bubbles on his head…I'll be smiling for hours!!

  2. Absolutely stunning. Not only is the tongue fabulous, but those eyes are tack sharp and AMAZING. Great work.

  3. those are both beautiful! i especially love your baby entry… that is awesome with the tongue sticking out! perfect!

  4. Great photos! I visited your photography blog. You are amazing! I love all your photos. You are so talented. I think you'll have hard time finding feet photo for the upcoming contest in July. I love taking pictures of my baby's feet, too. Good luck!

  5. Beautiful adult entry. I like the depth of field and that the eyes are nice a sharp in focus.

    Been a long time since I was in Lehi. Not since my BYU days.

  6. I didn't have a chance to stop by earlier this week, but congrats on your win, how adorable!

  7. I am so happy you got to be a winner this week! Your pictures are fantastic. The baby is TOO cute : ). Way to go!

  8. A huge congratulations! I just loved this shot from the first moment I saw it!


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