I I I I I – Those are I’s as in me, myself & I

Have you ever contemplated going a day without using the word ‘I’? It definitely bears thinking about. Any thoughts? I’m not sure I could do it…. lol

Ruth is now at 25 weeks. Her doctors want to deliver her at 34 weeks. 9 weeks to go. She has an amazing outlook. If you have time go leave her some comments and a link to something cool to keep her busy.

I had a duh moment yesterday. After thinking I was only going to share it with Rachel who’s post I commented on right after ‘the incident’ it seems I’m bursting at the seams to share it with everyone. Or at least everyone who reads this blog. Which going by my last two weeks traffic report is no one at the moment. Here is the story. I’m happily reading along the blogs I follow in Google Reader when this post shows up on Petit Elefant blog. Yeah! I totally won this cute doll I wanted. So I click on the post and put in a comment saying I think it’s me, because I remember seeing the exact comment and thinking it. Then I happily look through the original contest entry post to confirm it’s me. As I’m clicking on my name it suddenly takes me to someone else’s blog! Oh no! But I remember thinking ‘so cute’ and everything. I look further to see if two Shannon’s wrote the exact same thing. Nothing. No entry from ‘me’ at all. The only thing I can think of is I was going to post my entry, got distracted and saw that one when I came back thinking it was me. DUH!!

Today my friend Melissa came over. The kiddos were not on their best behavior (picture above not from today but illistrates my point). However, we did get a chance to have a nice salad and sandwich for lunch while the kids were sleeping. Unfortunately Blake had a poop needing to make its appearance during their nap. So they didn’t get to stay asleep for the normal length of time. He had to announce his uncomfortable bum and drag Madison from her sound sleep. We decided to head out to Buttons and Bows children’s consignment shop. (For anyone local you should go there and definitely you should consign there. You get 1/2 of your sales price once it sells). Blake apparently did not have his required mommy time yet today. He must have a certain amount of time he is physically touching me every day. No lie and no joke. After about five minutes in the non confined play area he starts ‘telling’ me he wants to be held. He does this by grunting, making fists &

generally throwing a tantrum. Yes, he totally throws a tantrum at 9 months of age. There are no tears during these demonstrations of his want. As soon as he is in my arms he is happy as a pig in a mud puddle. He is also charming and sweet once he is in my arms. I really need to get this on film. With him now weighing about 23 pounds he gets heavy really fast even in a carrier. How cool will it be when he can walk and hang onto my leg when he needs his alloted time? There were about two minutes when he was content crawling after me. We all got a good silent chuckle out of it. Thankfully neither Christine (the owner) nor Melissa rewarded his bad behavior with a chuckle.

Here is a photo of Melissa’s family. She only has a few weeks to go before they welcome little girl Rylee!

Madison was a bit cranky over her lost sleep which didn’t show until dinner time. She was very uncooperative and indicisive about her food. I think she had a 3 inch ring of blended veggies around her neck/shirt/high chair strap. And duh mommy didn’t put a bib on her. Maybe because they wore them 24/7 for the first 6 months & I pretty much don’t ‘rember’ to often. When we do use one it is now the Kiddopotamus bib. The Kiddopotamus bib is rockin! Everyone should get one. They are a soft rubber, have a nice pocket to catch stuff, easily cleaned, sturdy, pack into the diaper bag well, and the kids do not mind them like plastic bibs. Just DON’T get the plastic IKEA ones. They are hard and funky.

I also had a cool experience tonight, but I’ll share that tomorrow.


  1. That picture of Blake and Madison is so cute, even with Blake trying to do something to her…pull off her ear? Whenever Shanna cries–and she is usually crying during nap time and not Haley, Haley just keeps on sleeping. It’s kind of funny, and nice too. It was the opposite when they first came into the world. Haley would scream and Shanna would just lay right beside her fast asleep.

  2. Hi Shannon!! I don’t have your email, so I hope commenting here is cool with you! That pic is so funny! And YES, I would LOVE to have a “real” photo of a little one wearing one of my clips! That’d be wonderful! Submit a photo to me for use on my website and/or Etsy shop and I’ll send Madison a free clippy of your choice. 🙂 Thanks so much!!! ~amanda http://www.BerkleysClippies.com / BerkleysClippies@Gmail.com

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