I know I know

So I posted the first video again in the third video spot. It’s not going to be fixed. Here it is for you though. This one is 38 seconds long.

About a week and a half ago I answered the phone. Our friend Dallas was on the other end. As soon as he asked if Guy was working today I knew it was going to be about giving a talk. Why did we make friends with a member of the Bishopric? lol Just kidding. Dallas, Kim & their five kids are loads of fun. Even if they did make me play Guitar Hero where we had to downgrade my skill level from Easy to Beginner. Yeah, I totally suck. Maybe one day I will get better. Hopefully I don’t sing as off as I tried to play those notes! But back to the topic at hand. After letting him know Guy was going to be working today he let me know he was calling to see if one of us could talk in church. I think he really wanted Guy, but I was the only one left. I accepted. The topic he assigned me was personal worship. Interesting. I have been working on my personal relationship with Heavenly Father for a few months now. Isn’t it interesting how he may have been thinking of asking Guy, but it was the perfect topic for me. It turns out I was the anchor speaker too. The length of the talk was to be 10-15 minutes, but as the anchor you should be able to fill in more time should the other speakers be short. I had 20 minutes when it was my turn so I added an introduction of Guy and I even though at least half the congregation already knows us. My actual talk was just over ten minutes which still left five minutes when I was done. Not bad and I did warn Dallas to be prepared last night in case there was a little time left. He had Jeff Sobas come up and share his testimony of the gospel. I think it was a great pick because he was really paying attention to the entire service. You really see everything when sitting up on the stand.

The things I took away from the radio on the way to church, the talks and our other lessons has to do with personal accountablility and being a self starter! Oh and attitude.


  1. Let me tell you just how much I appreciate the efforts that you put in postings both pics & videos of the kiddos. I miss them sooo much….it almost makes me want to move to SC just to be closer to you all…..almost! Well, I keep hoping that Guy's career choices will move you closer to us! Kiss my favorite niece & nephew for me!!! Love you all bunches! 🙂

  2. Kids are so cute when they learn to wlak. They stumble, they stagger but eventually they get it right. Hopefully Madison will follow her big (lol) brother soon. Love to all of ya!

  3. Oops! Where was my spell checker? Heaven forbid I go back and proof my post. Oh well. Shol dhave said walk not wlak.

  4. fat fingers did it again. lol
    It’s Friday…I am loopy and I want out of work.

  5. Sounds like your talk went well!!! Maybe next time Guy can talk and sing the song for the intermediate music time.

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