I love my mom

The trip to Miami was a huge success.  We saw a bit of Disneyworld, a Cirque de Soleil, a riot, the pool, parks/gardens, low flying planes, friends, clients, great views and lots of each other.  I didn’t work nearly as much as I thought I would which was so fun.  The kids handled all the driving like super stars.

One of the best moments in the whole trip was when the kids got to do a pillow fight with my mom.  This brought back memories of all the times my mom and I played tickling growing up.

Blake is just about to attack my mom.

He is telling me how much fun he’s having with grandma.

A peak at Maddie during a double attack.

All three of them were very into this pillow fight.

They were yelling for grandma to get them around their giggles.

And then…..  It was tickle time.

The sweeties threw in some snuggle love as well when they needed a momentary tickle break.

Back to tickle time.

Get me Grandma.

Madison was so excited to see her grandma that when we stopped at the end of the runway to show them the planes coming in for landing just over our head she cried.  It was so funny.  Normally she would have been all over watching the planes come in and take off, but this girl only wanted her grandma.  Every morning they woke up and immediately asked if grandma was awake yet.

Blake hopped in for some huggy love.

We all miss spending time with her and feel our week together went by entirely too fast.

Tickle wars resuming yet again.

They loved that she wasn’t afraid to take on both of them at once.

Thanks to my mom for flying out to meet us in Miami and spending a fabulous week with our little family.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her and been able to spend so much time together.