I LOVE the Amazing Race

Really, I love most reality shows that are not trashy. The Amazing Race and Survivor are my favorites though. If you haven’t watched them recently both just started and look like they will be good seasons. You can also watch the first episodes online free. I’ve recently watched a few things online. Very impressed and so happy to have technology. Here is a clip of what has to be the funniest thing contestants on The Amazing Race have ever done. Laugh and Laugh and Laugh! You deserve it!!!

Now it is time to laugh at Madison. Her paper obsession has made for one funny photo. Some paper got stuck to her chin like some funky man beard. It is especially perfect with her head at this angle. Like one of those tattooed stocky motorhead California guys. This shot especially had me laughing.

Blake and Madison were really enjoying the time on the front porch until this moment. I never thought I’d have a drama boy. He is sooooo drama about every emotion he has. All of them are a bit over the top as he expresses himself. It really is quite funny. His hair is already a bit long and is getting very unruly as he plays and sleeps now.

Both babies were dressed in red for Valentines Day. Maddy and I also had pink on. Happy late Valentine’s Day to everyone. Hope it was a great one!

We are down a family member. Moose went to stay with my Atlanta family members. While there he fell in love with having another dog, two cats, cuddles with three adults, and almost daily visits to the dog park for a month and a half. By the time I drove down for a visit and to pick him up he could care less about us other then as visitors to his new home. My family also fell just as much in love with him as he did with them. They let us know they would love to have him if we ever decided to get rid of him. After seeing how incredibly happy he is there we decided to let him stay. It is a bit strange seeing the doggie door, toys strewn about the backyard and the dog food area. Everyone there is really so happy with each other we are also happy for them. We travel so much too, so they will be a lot more stable home for him. We are not happy to see him leave nor are we sad to have him gone. Is that weird? Not for us.

Dad, Judy & Gracie – Have a wonderful time with the bestest dog ever!!!! We need to set up a meeting to get you guys all of his stuff and get the crap I left behind when we left.


  1. just read your comment on my blog and i think i laughed harder than you. told my husband and got a good chuckle out of him. much appreciated on a really rough day. cheers. 🙂

  2. Well, I am sure that it is kind of weird to not have Moose around, but it is great that he is in such a great place. Plus, you can visit him whenever you want!! Cute Valentine’s Day pics, especially Blake’s dramatic little meltdown!!

  3. I had a roommate once who lived for Amazing Race. I’ve never actually watched an entire episode. But I do love me some reality tv. Looks like I’ll have to add another show to my list! Thanks for the laughs!

  4. I have never watched amazing race…I think I would have a heart attack trying that cheese race!

    Love your little drama man!

  5. I am shocked about Moose. He is such a good dog but I am glad he has a new good home. I know you will miss him but at least you can visit.

  6. I just read your comments. To reassure everyone, Moose is very happy. And, we can meet any time you want to have some Moose time!!! This works out great for us. You see Moose – we see babies!!

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