I won!! Wooo hooo!!! & Why don’t people buckle up their kids?!?!?!

I’m so stinkin excited to have won the kids photo of the week for I Heart Faces! That photo of Tori really is super cute. A couple of weeks ago I made the weekly collage with the twins & their birthday cakes. This is like a nice big yummy bowl of home made salsa and tasty chips with a really empty stomach!!! Yum, my favorite thing.

Yesterday Guy and I were driving and he mentioned he hoped the kid in front of us was buckled in. It soon became apparent she was not. I told him it would be fine with me if he wanted to follow her home to give her a lecture while flashing his badge at her. Even though he was as frustrated by her (the moms) actions he said he would not be comfortable doing this. I told him, “I’ve done it before and would be happy to do it again.” He still wouldn’t follow her. At a stop sign we came up right behind them. The little girl (about 4-5) looked at me when I sternly mouthed to her while gesturing that she had better sit down and pulled on my seat belt telling her to buckle up. We were behind them about a 1/2 mile further and the little girl crouched down in her chair with one eye on me until they turned into their neighborhood. Guy was busting up laughing at me and the little girls reaction to my ‘mom’ actions. I’ve yelled at several drivers over the years parked behind me at lights waiting until they buckle their kids before moving or just made it clear to fellow cars on the road to buckle their kids. Yes, I am from the generation of no seatbelts and pack a bunch of kids into cars, but that doesn’t mean we still have to make those ignorant and negligent decisions.

On a happier, non tangent, note again softball concluded today with our last day of tournament. We had a great time camping out by the big fan to battle the 90+ weather (with 80% humidity) between innings. A few young moms of the younger girls on the team watched the babies since Guy worked today. The babies ate most of the food I brought them, and they had a rec room in the church when the babies got overheated. We ended up only playing two games between a fellow team forfeiting and then we forfeit one game as well. I am still absolutely loving playing left or center field. It is such a cool position to play. It’s sad to think I won’t see any of the girls & ladies anymore after just getting to know them.

Here are some quick snapshots of the kids at Guys parents a couple days ago.
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  1. These pictures are just adorable. I can't believe Guy's parents let you leave with these cute little ones!

  2. Blake showing his sweet little eye look and love Madison's new teeth.
    I know you get tired of hearing how cute they are I sound like a broken record, ha. But so true.

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