I’ll take your picture Maddy

So you may have noticed if you have read my blog for any length of time at all that I hardly ever write Madison’s name the same way.  This shouldn’t be surprising to those who know me.  Names are a super important thing.  It effects your whole life.  We didn’t settle on names for the kids until after we met them in the hospital.  Even the way you spell a nickname can put you in with the popular kids, the independents or the weirdos.  🙂  I thought I was going to die when there was another kid in class with my same name in 5th grade.  The problem?  HE was very unkept, poorly dressed and overweight.  Suddenly my name wasn’t just for girls and also belonged to someone who was treated poorly by most of the other 5th graders.  Oh yeah, and I was taller then everyone else in class and always wore last years styles.  Of course, experiences like this make us who we are today.   Boy was that all off track….  Back to the spelling of my baby girls name.  Deciding on exactly how to spell her nickname has been hard.  Maybe I’ll just keep doing it several different ways and let her pick when she is old enough.  She definitely prefers to be called Maddie, and she always tells someone that is her name when asked instead of Madison.

The kids are so into imagining.  I absolutely love it.  Each day they come up with new and wonderful things to pretend play.  Blake had Guy and I laughing tonight when Guy mentioned to him he still hadn’t gotten a kiss from him.  He asked for a kiss and Blake said no.  One of us asked Blake why.  He told us because daddy was an ogre.  We were all hanging out in the living room alternating between watching TV, reading and playing.  Guy and I were watching a Little Couple we’d recorded when Guy told me I had to check out what they were doing just beyond my sight behind the end of the couch.  I hear Blake telling Madison, “I’ll take your picture.”   I see this…..

They were behind the ‘camera’ taking turns taking pictures of each other!

Since I’m hardly in front of a camera, I hadn’t even thought how I look to them.  LOL  It sure is pretty funny.

Madison was cracking up here.  The little stinker ruined my first 2 shots by being getting in the way both times.  What I didn’t realize until Guy pointed it out was that she was purposely trying to walk in between the camera and Blake to mess up my shot.  She thought my reaction the first time was so funny.

Then she wanted a shot of her taking a picture too.

Tomorrow I promise to post the fair images and the kids triumphant story.  I’ll even upload them before bed tonight so I only have to write the text.