Image Dump 2

Here are some more images to finish out a look at our April.  I think they should all be new images to you since I just edited them last night. 🙂  Little Landon is busy sleeping in my lap while I’m doing my best to sit on one hip/cheek.  My sweet mom is putting the kids down for a nap.  I can’t figure out which of the two of us is in more consistent pain…  lol   Between my mom and I we kind of make one whole person in taking care of the kids, the house and ourselves.  We’ve been getting a lot of fast food and take out the last week.  Guy has been scheduled to work all weeknights but one since last Thursday in addition to his daytime hours.  If Scotty makes it through tonight on American Idol, Guy found out he will be working all awake hours from Friday afternoon to Sunday  around noon guarding Scotty.   I think it will be a great experience for him, but it is definitely bad timing.   I’ll need to ask for help with my mom leaving on Saturday at noon including getting her to the airport since I can’t drive.

Last night the sad state of our basic groceries required a trip to the grocery store.  I didn’t want all three kids at home with me, and my mom cannot buckle the twins into their car seats with her bad knee and back.  So we all went while Guy was working last night at the high school girls soccer game playoffs which went into triple overtime!  I forgot to ask him who eventually won when he got home.  The way I made the trip to the grocery was to recline the front passenger seat more then half way, lounge sideways and put the seatbelt on.  It worked.    We got the needed basics.

The kids are definitely tired of being home all the time.  This morning they asked me to please have some of their friends come over to play with them.  Too cute.  Lucky for them a couple of their friends are coming over tomorrow.  I’m sure they will be very very happy to see them.

This progression of images shown first cracks me up.  Madison is so funny.  She likes to hold Landon anytime.  She isn’t bothered at all by him crying and I secretly think she likes it better when she is able to talk to him in a calming voice to try and sooth him.