It happened. Excitement galore!!


We got a text from Miss Penny at school that said:

“We are sitting at lunch and the kids are asking all kinds of questions…

Then Maddie is eating her apple then, turns around to me and says to me “is this a tooth?””

The text came along with three pictures showing her with her apple and her tooth.

Madison’s loose tooth has finally come out!!!

That sucker has been loose for months.

I took a few pictures of her that totally show her excitement

This week was homecoming week.  That meant Guy worked from 6:30 am until at least 8pm every day completely missing the kids awake time for a whole week!!  After taking her to visit him for a few minutes and show off her new gappy look we had a little conversation.

She started asking me if fairies were real.  I told her they weren’t real like unicorns weren’t real.  In my mind I’m thinking of Tinkerbell and the kids movie we watched recently.  Then she says, “Is the Tooth Fairy real?”  Ughhh, crap!!   So I just asked her what she thought and she wasn’t sure.  Then I changed the subject without giving her an answer.  lol

She also loved the two coins the tooth fairy brought her.  😉

Homecoming week at Garner High School ends with a parade, some other festivities and the big game.  They won the game!   We went to the parade only since the rest is a bit late for the kids.

the kids had a great time visiting with the others by us and giving hugs.

Blake is a little nervous as he waits for it to begin.  He wants to make sure everything goes just so like he’s planned it in his head.  Notice the hand holding onto Maddie’s skirt?

This morning Guy asked Madison what her favorite part of yesterday’s parade was.  She told him, “Seeing you dad!”  That was just what he needed to hear after a long week ending in not only a 19 hour day yesterday but the death of a lady when her car got stuck on the railroad tracks!

Here he is tossing the kids some candy.

Landon, in his typical two year old way, did not really get the whole ‘picking up the candy fast’ thing.  lol   Those kids came home with a huge bowl full of candy.  Awesome, now we have stuff to pass out for Halloween!  Yes, we will be doing that.  With two more candy filled events we’ll have way more then our family needs.