I’ve been sooo busy…. Sorry no posts of late

I have sooo much to say and no time. Poor Blake hasn’t been breathing well lately so I need to go to bed ensuring some mommy patience tomorrow. He has been more hyper and needy/cranky/sleepy the last week. Basically he just needs more attention then normal. The doctor started him out with a breathing treatment of albuterol today. He had some improvement but was definitely not magically better. We now own a breathing machine! Oh yippee, it’s my lucky day (imagine a very sarcastic voice). What happened to the reality of super perfect and excellent children? ha ha Nope, my kids are just shockingly normal with a great balance of excellence, average and poor performance in all of their developmental accomplishments.

We said goodbye to my family as well as Moose on Christmas eve. Guy asked me in passing what we were going to do with Moose for our next long trip, to Utah for 12 days in January. I feel like we have really taken advantage of our friends, the Sweeney’s, who have watched him several times this year. Boarding him is so expensive at about $22 a day. We didn’t mention any of these facts, but just said we didn’t know and would work it out. The next day my family offered to take him home with them. They assured us they didn’t mind having him for a month and a half. I bet they also astutely assumed we would stay a few days with the babies when driving down to Atlanta to pick up Moose. Smarty pants.

My dad and Moose are easily seen. Also in the car are my sister, Gracie, in the back, Judy in the front, and Pearl on Judy’s lap. You can see her a little as she is leaning forward onto the dashboard.
Babies 8 months 1307

Moose watching me as they drove away.
Babies 8 months 1308

Here are a couple more photos of what has been keeping me busy away from my photos and the computer. My step mom, Judy, always gives gifts I love. She gave me a set of nifty knitting rings. I had made Blake a hat a couple months ago. My take on Madison’s hat was a pull out to restart and a waiting to pull out once again. Yesterday I made her a new had while the old one pulled out as the new one progressed, and today I made her a scarf with the extra yarn.

This is the hat I pulled out to make the final product. It was just a little too tight for me even though I do like how the ‘cable’ was looking here. Maybe the next one will be the cable ‘knit’ crochet, but made to fit them.
Babies 7 months 1115

Here are the new hat and scarf.
Babies 8 months 1330

This is a purple and white tutu we made this week.
Babies 8 months 1233

Madison is modeling the infant tutu. I tried it on Manon Jensen last night when they brought us a divine Key Lime pie and Kim’s home made rolls! It fit Manon well. Oh, and Kim used fresh cream to make the whipped cream on the pie. Yum yum. Guy said it was the best Key Lime pie he has ever had.
Babies 8 months 1227

We still hadn’t taken their photos in the Santa hats, but we really were not able to take many photos. Blake started to cough and wheeze more with the cold air.
Babies 8 months 1226

I think this is one of my new favorite photos! Yep, totally.
Babies 8 months 1204


  1. Sorry to hear that Blake is sick, I hope it's just because it's winter & its alittle bit of Bronchitis and not Asthma… Albuterol via Breathing machine(nebulizer) will help. Working in the Health industry, paritcularly rental of Oxygen equipment & yes nebulizers I have seen this quite a bit this time of year. He will be fine. Anyways anxious to see you all, I have a gift for the twins & thought I'd give it to you when your out here, unless you want me to just mail it.. let me know.

  2. Poor Blake…I hope he feels better soon! I love the new pics, especially the one with both in santa hats.

    It is great that Moose has somewhere to stay, but I bet you are all going to miss him terribly!

  3. the santa hat pic is so adorable!
    I bet moose is going to miss you all terribly! I know i still miss blu and kenny and its been like 7 months…

  4. Great knitting!! I’ll have to go get and try those rings you use! Thanks for the tips!

    Your pictures are gorgeous as well. That last photo on the tracks with the santa hats… it’s priceless!!



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