When you have good friends, life is Good!

Blake. Nater. Maddie. Dominic.

We have sold our old home. YAY!!

After a crazy last minute search for temporary housing we found a cute red brick town home with a one car garage for all our storage stuff we are renting from a friend of a friend.  It worked out great for us and her as she had just moved out two days before we wanted to move in!

The kids had a Tiny twinge of sadness about the old home with only Madison showing any signs of true sadness.  Though I must say, that sadness wasn’t for the old home.  She really wanted to finish watching the nest full of baby birds grow up.  I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of birds wanting to nest around our new house next year.  

As we moved all of our stuff in the three chickens eagerly combed the town house exploring all of its nooks and crannies.  They were particularly excited when we set up all their beds in one room with all their toys and books in another.  They feel like it is their own little sanctuary.  Landon often will disappear only to be found quietly playing in the playroom.  Unfortunately, he also can be found out front and down the street which has Not been a good development.  I think he is past that now, but we are a lot more vigilant in watching where he is.  He is able to work any lock so locking the doors isn’t helpful at all.

We have all felt extremely comfortable in our temporary home.  It is so fun to walk to church each Sunday.  It’s short enough of a walk the heat is bearable.

Now the countdown begins to moving into our new home.  Since they haven’t broken ground…  It will be a while.