Kiddo small update

WH Sep12 09 0
I LOVE how Madison and Blake share. Just now Blake was busy playing with a toy. I had some pretzels on offer for him which he definitely wanted. Madison was between us closer to me & noticed our exchange. She grabbed the three pretzels from me and took them to Blake without needing to be asked. Then she came back for her own. Love it!

WH Sep12 09 1

The kids are eaters! EATERS! They will be eating us out of house and home soon enough. Maybe they don’t eat more then other kids, but it sure feels like they do.

WH Sep12 09 2

A word on shoes & clothes.
WH Sep12 09 4

I don’t know if you remember, but I had size 18mo, 24mo and 2T for the kids to get them through to long sleeves. I had also purchased and gotten some 24mo to 3T stuff for winter. Madison outgrew her 18 month old stuff by June. She is now pretty much out of all 24mo and 2T clothes in shirts, shorts and dresses. Pants still fit her well in the 2T size. Luckily there were some 3T stuff for Maddy next summer she is wearing now like the tee shirts & dresses. She is solid like a tree trunk. Blake always seems like the small one to us. However, we just realized he is now in size 7 shoes and can’t fit into the smaller clothes. Blake is now wearing all of his 2T clothes. They definitely have enough stuff that fits to get us to the winter clothes. I’m just shocked, because EVERYONE told us the kids would stay in 18 month and 24mo/2T for a long time (like 6 months or more). Nope, our kids are still topping out at around 4 months per size. Though I really hope they aren’t wearing 4T this time next year at age 2 and 3 months!

WH Sep12 09 3

Oh, I forgot my lament about shoes. Size 7 is usually a size kids over 2 wear. This is when their feet naturally lose the baby/toddler fat lump on the top of their feet. Our kids still very much have the little fat lump making it hard to find shoes that fit. This is especially true when mama won’t pay more then $5, preferring to receive them between free and $2 per pair.

WH Sep12 09 5

These cute little faces are definitely worth any hassle or expense they bring us!

WH Sep12 09 6

The really funny thing to me is the pictures that were next in line to share perfectly matched the words I had already written. Cool!


  1. Yes, once again, wonderful pictures! I love seeing my girls share too. It's so fun!

  2. Yeah, I learned a long time ago that those age numbers on clothing sizes mean diddly squat. Alex has slimmed down as he's gotten older (they lose that baby fat eventually), but he still needed a 4T shirt at age 2.5 because his head is so big. It sucks, but I don't buy ahead much right now. I just never know where they'll be. Resale is my friend. 😉

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