Love of children

It’s absolutely amazing to me how much I love my children.  I thought I’d love them, but the actuality is really cool.  There are no words to really express what it is or how it feels.  
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Back when I was pregnant the babies didn’t feel like real people no matter how many times I felt them move or saw them on ultrasound.  Being a high risk pregnancy we had a Lot of ultrasounds.  Whenever we discussed names I refused to call them a name before they were born.  It was a good thing to since they both got their number 2 choice names and not the number 1 choices we thought they would fit.  
When Blake was born they laid him on my still enormous belly.  My first thought was, “Yep, that’s a baby boy covered in goo, let them go get him cleaned up and get the other one out.”  So romantic & loving, right?  We did have a stubborn girl in my belly who we were trying to see if she went down head first after he came out or not.  She didn’t so was tried to force to move.  Nope, she came out the wrong way {c-section}.  
After being put back together, recovery and clean up we finally got a chance to properly meet our babies in our room.  They were nice to hold & I started to get a feeling about their personalities.  The first few months were spent getting to know who they are.  The super love I feel for them now started out as a joy in being a parent finally while settling into my parenting style.  It comes about so naturally with all the little interactions throughout each day.  
I’ve started a new thing the last few weeks when the kids wake up from their naps.  I greet them like we’ve been apart for weeks and ask if they had a great nap.  Blake especially seems to swell in happiness before my eyes after the ecstatic greeting.  These choices we make that seem so little at the time can sometimes become the stuff of our greatest memories later on.  
Not sure what made me wax on so this evening.  Maybe it’s the photo above.  I love it.  

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