Maddie & the cuddle bug

My sweet and funny five year old has been all about wanting to cuddle with me each day in the last month or so.  We got off on a bit of a rocky start to this, because she would Say she wanted to cuddle.  Then through the course of the day she would sleep past when I get out of bed, happily play elsewhere when my bum was occasionally parked on the couch, ignore my invites to cuddle and cried as if her heart was personally ripped out by me when it was past time for her to be in bed with no cuddles for the day.  I made it a point to remind her to she wanted to cuddle with me and needed to make time to cuddle with me.  

For the last 5 days she has realized that she has the power when it comes to getting in those cuddles each day.  She has taken her opportunities and carved out time to spend with her mama for one on one cuddles.

You know what?

Her attitude has improved.  Her willingness to help has grown.  She is happier.  She whines less.

Mama cuddles are good for her.

This little development makes me really really really happy.  I love that my love and affection can make such a noticeable difference in her life.  It is amazing to watch her work through what is temporary and what is permanent as she gains maturity.  She is really starting to understand the power of choice.

Choose to be happy.  Choose cuddles.