Madison’s eating antics

Here are the photos I promised from yesterday. Maddy girl was cracking me up! I hope they crack you up too.

As I looked over at her during lunch she had pulled the car up onto her tray. Then she thought it was a fabulous idea to ‘feed’ her car a piece of her sandwich plus a few bits of the pretzel mix.
a S&G June24 09 2

Madison tends to play with her food for a while before getting down to the business of eating. She likes to take her meal slow and easy. That is…. Until there is very little food left and Blake may want some. Then she will become the queen chipmunk with her little mouth crammed full of food. Last night she had her first spicy mongolian beef and loved it. I was so afraid we would have revenge of the diaper today, but we didn’t. Go Madison! She may just love spicy food like her mama.
a S&G June24 09 3

Blake eats when he is hungry and he is DONE when he is done. We had better get him out of his high chair the moment he is finished. He really has become our lover of most foods. He even loves tomatoes. Blake will also eat apples without me cutting them up. He just grabs the whole apple with both hands until only the core is left (unless he drops it on the grocery store floor! Yuk). He doesn’t do as well with corn on the cob though he loves to eat it that way. The only thing he doesn’t like for sure is spicy food. The poor kid feels like his mouth is on fire. I’ll be avoiding giving him the spicy stuff until he builds up to it.
a S&G June24 09 1


  1. You know my computer is acting up the whole time your Dad has been in AZ so I have not been able to view your blog. I love the pictures.
    I especially love the White wedding photos with all the kids and grandkids. You got a lovely picture of Mr. and Mrs. White right in the middle there. Remember the one I mentioned of Guy and Jaime? This is the one at the bottom of the pics.

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