Madisons Favorite

Madison has a new favorite thing to cuddle. As you can see in the picture the bear has Royal Hobart Hospital on its left foot. They (Blake has one too) were a gift from Nanny, the hospital was where Madison and Blake’s Great grandparents were during Nanny’s last visit with them prior to their passing. It is so cute to see her with it, today I (Daddy) put her in her crib while she was awake and placed the bear on her chest, she smiled and gave it the biggest hug i have seen her give yet, as you can see in the crib pictures she went to sleep with it, and in record time. Needless to say it made my day. So here’s the pictures.

BUMBO: As you can see, Madison has her Bum in the Bumbo! It is actually working quite well.


  1. It’s gotta be a girl thing, Alex has never ‘snuggled’ with a stuffed toy like that. He usually bashes them with his truck. She’s a cutie! 🙂

  2. Shannon,
    I just love your pictures. I’m so glad to be part of Madison and Blake’s growing years. Thanks for sharing your lives with all of us.

    Can’t wait for your visit to Arizona, some day.


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