Monday morning news…

This is a photo from the Tower of London when we were in London 2 years ago over Thanksgiving weekend. Guy obviously loves it when I act goofy in front of the camera! 🙂

The weekend of continued modified best rest was, you guessed it, BORING… Today is my follow up appointment to see how the babies are doing and what the doctor wants to do with me. After taking part of the week off last week and really taking it easy I’m feeling better, but still having some issues with pain.

Melia (Guy’s sister) is going in for surgery this morning. I talked to her just a bit ago to give her my best. Now that it is almost here she seems more calm. She received a blessing yesterday and a call from Mum and Dad helped a bunch. Hopefully she will be alright and come out of this with the best possible outcome. The surgery is to remove a tumorus growth in her salivatory glands (yes I am making up words today). About 15% of these types of tumors are cancerous.

Our neighbors are all campaigning for us to stay in Raleigh instead of moving back to AZ in May. What a nice compliment. We have really enjoyed living here, and our neighbors are fantastic. I’ll miss this house. It’s too bad you can’t get a nice Southern style home in Arizona. And trees! Love the trees here. Though builders here do tend to clear cut all the trees when building new construction which is so sad! Our house has about 12 full size trees, and 4 young trees. In the spring I decided to prune everything under 8 feet (as tall as the clippers would reach and I could still get leverage). Boy was I tired a couple of hours later. Guy drove our neighbors trailer around the yard cleaning up all the debris a few days later. I secretly think he was impressed at how much I clipped and made pretty.