Monday morning update

The photo is of Michael (nephew, son of Melia) and Michele’s bird. I think he kinda looks like Harry Potter in this blurry photo.
This morning I had some fluid leakage, but it wasn’t hardly anything at all. So maybe I am starting to lose my mucus plug. I hear that’s pretty gross, and doesn’t mean labor will start anytime soon.
Yesterday I made it through all of church! Mostly because Guy wasn’t there trying to get me to go home right away. And Guy put a cushy hall chair in the Relief Society room where both the Spanish Sunday School class and Relief Society meeting are held. So I was almost comfortable and able to sit through both meetings. (Clarification – Guy was working so he was only able to attend Sacrament meeting while on duty) Both Guy and I like to go to the Spanish Sunday School because it is helpful for both of us in our quest to learn Spanish (very slowly). I have a program on all the computers I occasionally look at. My work computer flashes Spanish phrases when the screen saver is on.
I haven’t gained any weight in two weeks. The babies are taking all of my fat for themselves because this belly of mine is getting bigger by the minute! It is painful a lot of the time now with one baby still trying his/her best to break my right rib. The last we knew it was the boy’s head right there, but they have been moving a lot so I’m not sure. Back to the weight gain, I’ve been adding two brownies a day to my diet, from a batch I made for Guy (who’s hardly had any), to try and help with the weight gain. It will be really interesting to see how much the babies have grown at our growth u/s tomorrow. My work is letting me work today and take my holiday tomorrow so that will be less time missed from work and a whole day spent with Guy who is also working today. It was very nice of them!
We also made a final decision on our next housing venture. The owner from the house we have an offer on to buy was being very stubborn about the repairs to the home only offering a $300 credit on about $800 worth of reasonable repairs. I also wanted to be really stubborn about them doing the repairs as we are not thinking we’ll be in that home for very long. This means we would have to deal with them in addition to the flooring issues and putting in a fence we already have to deal with. The agents ended up splitting the cost neither parties would cover to get the deal to go through. YEAH! We had started to reconsider the renting option again. Now we are in the contract for good where we can’t back out without losing our earnest money, but we think it’s a good decision overall. Hopefully, the minor improvements and paint colors we choose will make the house more appealing when we go to sell it. Did I mention we still have back up buyers on our current home ready to put in an offer if the current contract falls through? This makes us very happy because it is not very common in this market.