Monday update

Todays post may come across as a complaint post. Sorry in advance! Though I am very excited about our growth u/s and OB appointments this afternoon.

Last Thursday I had a whole new issue arise. In the late morning I had a pretty good pain in my lower back which worked itself out pretty quickly. From then on every time I got up to do anything it got a little worse. Well about 3:45 I got up and it hurt so bad I started crying and just broke in frustration. Seriously, what other funky trial is this pregnancy going to bring? Hmmmmm tooo many! Well, it took me about 1/2 an hour to get to the potty and back to my desk. The first person I called after work was my friend Stephanie who has had lots of back issues and is with a chiropractor. If anyone would know what the heck was wrong she would. After describing in detail the symptoms and how the pain was she said it was most likely a Siatica nerve issue. OK, well no one who has mentioned they had this issue really conveyed how stinkin bad the pain is! Sheesh. Well, she had a couple suggestions for me. One is a miracle suggestion…. She said to get down on all fours with my forearms on the floor. Then put the knee of the side causing most of the pain on a billow to raise it a little staying in that position for about 5 minutes. It totally worked! I still have pain, but it is completely managable now. YEAH!

My next big thing is Sundays. By Sunday I am worn out every week and need to rest a lot to make it thru the work week.