More January photos & a cool Giveaway!

My friend, Tabitha, is giving away a $150 gift card to Skin Care Rx!  Go enter.  Even if I don’t win, you might! Tabitha always has beautiful photography, an awesome Sunday Citer {quote} and definitely lives up to her blog title, Fresh Mommy.  She’s one of the few blogs I make sure to read whenever I am doing my blog reading.  I feel like if we met in real life we’d be great friends, and consider her a friend already.  Boy could I use the skin care gift card.  Really, who couldn’t?  Everyone needs to take great care of their skin since it’s really hard to repair the damage once it’s done.  My loss of pigmentation speaks for itself.  Thankfully, it really shows up clearly/obviously only when I’m tan which I try to avoid.

What’s better then monster trucks on TV?
Us Jan10_1001.jpg

Us Jan10_1002.jpg

Us Jan10_1003.jpg

Us Jan10_1006.jpg

Us Jan10_1007.jpg

I’m not sure Blake thinks there is much better! The TV picture makes it look like a cartoon which it wasn’t.  It was also the first of January when we took down the Christmas tree shortly thereafter.

It’s a good thing Blake is so cute.  This morning he had me taking him to the potty every five minutes for an hour and a half.  No exaggeration.  He then proceeds to come up to me for the whatever time to saying, “Poop!”  Only this time he had already gone in his pants.  WHAT!!!!  Talk about frustration.  Mine, but probably his too.  They are doing so good overall.  I think it’s the impending trip coupled with my lack of time to get any of my photography work done that made me so over the top frustrated.

After talking to Guy, who is working 12.5 hours today, he will take charge of the kids after work so I can get some work done.

Tomatoes are yummy!
Us Jan10_1008.jpg

Us Jan10_1010.jpg

These were my favorite pj’s on Maddy.  Too bad she grew out of them already.
Us Jan10_1011.jpg

Approval for taking the last two, maybe?
Us Jan10_1012.jpg

They will eat tomatoes every day.
Us Jan10_1013.jpg

This cracked me up!  I looked into Madison’s little catsup bowl for her baked fries to find the little girl with a swim suit on.  LOL  It’s perfect.
Us Jan10_1019.jpg