More photos from today

Blake yawning

Blake and I

Blake’s feet in my hand.

Blake and I

Madison and I.

Madison and I

Madison & I

Blake with a smile being held by grandma and Madison with their eyes closed

Grandma with Blake and Madison

Us holding the babies. I have Blake and Guy has Madison.

A cool photo of Blake

Sam talking to the kids with mom watching

Blake and Madison holding hands.

Blake trying to pull Madisons hand in for a nibble.

Us with mom

The girls with Blake too…

Our family!!! Guy is holding Madison and I have Blake.

Tawni and I

This photo didn’t turn out how I imagined it at all, but it is fun.

Mom with the kids.

Tawni and mom

Sam, Tawni & mom

Sam and Tawni

Tawni and mom

Sam feeding Blake.

Tawni and Sam let us borrow their bassinet for the two nights we were in Virginia.

Corey spent most of Saturday with us.

Tawni opening gifts at her shower.

The cool shower game that was also played at my shower here.