More photos – Some with Nanny

Nanny holding Blake & me holding Madison. It’s becoming a habit to take them out on the porch each evening to experience the outdoors. They love to look around, the warm weather and to listen to the different sounds. It started to distract Mady from her belief that if she is awake she needs to eat.

Poppy, the babies, Nanny and Moose heading out with me for a walk. Our neighborhood is great for walking. The street leading to our street used to be a main thoroughfare until the new freeway bypass went in. Now it is only 1000 feet beyond our street. It makes the whole area walk friendly. This is especially good because a neighbor just stopped by to let us know there is a family with an agressive pit bull who has charged her and another person down a short cul de sac at the end of our street. So avoiding that it still leaves us about 3-4 miles of roads to walk. It is my goal to walk every other day for sure and every day when possible.

Nanny holding Madison and Blake. They both love their Nanny!

Blake is now getting very good at lifting up his head after lagging behind Madison for so long.

Blake smiling for the camera.

This is such a cute look Blake has.

Here’s another cutie Blake look.

Madison having a cuddle with Nanny.

Madison and Nanny talking to each other.

Madison was not into having her photo taken at all here. Notice her old man hair ring. lol It still cracks me up!

This is how much she wasn’t into having her picture taken!

After working herself over and trying to get off the table completely. Yes, I saved her after taking this shot.

Blake talking to Nanny. Guy is convinced he will be a singer because he coos, humms, grunts and generally is noisy all the time. He even makes lots of noises when he sleeps.

Madison threatening to punch someone. Beware of Mad Mady!

This one she looks like she just had a heart atack! lol

Nanny with Madison and Blake again. She’s smiling!

This week has been the very worst sleep week since they were born. All of a sudden I cannot get them to sleep at the same time! And Madison is such a light sleeper who gets overtired and will not sleep very easily. So it has been 4 hours, 4.5 hours, 6 hours and 5 hours the last four days. And most of these have been including taking an afternoon nap! I’m starting to forget a lot more then normal, be emotional, and losing my balance. But they are getting sooooo cute with their social smiles offered at just the right times to make me feel better and feel it is worth it.


  1. Great new pics! I’m glad you caught your daughter before she fell off the table! lol

  2. Oh, Mum looks so great with the babies! How many times has she offered to take them home with her until you come in July? I can’t wait to hold them! Afton is actually wanting to cancel her trip to Montana to be with them the whole time. When you guys going back from Utah?

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