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Moose meeting the babies. Can you see the panic and uncertainty in his eyes? πŸ™‚
He is starting to get used to both the house and the babies, but he definitely keeps his distance from them. Moose also seems really confused when we get up for a few hours over and over each night.

Whenever Madison & Blake (the order they are in below) are placed together at least one of them turns towards the other. More often then not they both turn to each other. Neither minds the other laying on them, poking or kicking the other.

Madison (in the front) is a very fussy eater. They both developed thrush this last week. By the time we figured out it wasn’t milk in her mouth hers was so bad her entire tongue was white with the white spots all over the gums, roof and starting onto her lips! We called the Pediatrician who called in a prescription for us on Saturday of Nystatin. Now she is almost cleared up. She continued to nurse pretty well until Friday, but it has been a super fight since then. We are trying to get her back onto nursing as my milk production is going down with those powerful baby jaws not as great as the pump at stimulating production. It may also have to do with not eating or drinking enough. It is really hard for me to eat at least 2700 calories a day at home. Blake stopped nursing well when his thrush was only a a quarter as bad as hers was! Wimpy lazy boy… He, however, is doing much better at getting back into nursing!!

They look so cute together. We are soooo in LOVE with them. Both are taking to binky’s very well. And they also don’t care about what kind of binky or bottle nipple or formula we give them. I care though! We are using the rubber nipples when we bottle feed as they are softer like me where as the plastic nipples are hard and really easy for them to tell they are being bottle fed which is easier for them.

We had passed up on a few bassinets thinking we would not need one and could use a pack n play if we decided to keep them in our room. Well, with a c-section it was not in my best interest to be bending all the way down into a pack n play and it takes up a lot of floor space. We decided to use the laundry basket! We think they fit in there rather well. It also works well for keeping them in the position we put them in and sleeping them at an incline. Madison is a upchuck baby. She needs to be burped several times during feeding and after as well as sleep at an incline. This minimizes the spit ups, but she definitely still spits up some every single feeding. Whenever you hold her be prepared with a burp rag. (Madison on the left and Blake on the right)

Blake is finally turning the losing weight curve and is now gaining weight! Yesterday (Tuesday 4/29) I thought he had a temperature of 103. He felt really warm and wouldn’t eat even though it had been over 4 hours since his last feeding. I took his temperature with one of those ear thermometers. We went to the pediatrician and his temperature was 98.7 with the rectal thermometer. So we are now going to use a rectal thermometer exclusively. Blake’s weight was up to 5 lbs 8 oz. The pediatrician said he has lazy white boys disease. lol

The kids laying on our bed.

Both of the kids love to sleep on our chests. Guy can fit them both on there at once very nicely. Madison often will not sleep the last sleep of the night with Blake in the basket. She will only sleep on Guy’s chest. She is also a lot more boisterous then Blake and often will demand attention where he is much more laid back. (Blake on the left with his tiny ears and scratch marks and Madison on the right with my big ears) And yes I have given Blake and Madison manicures to minimize the scratches. The dumb hand mittens are tooo big for both of them.

The kids holding hands.

Blake has his arm around Madison.

These are the best hats we have. They came with our first purchase when we were in the Hobart Tasmania airport in September. We got the cutest onsies to show Mum and Dad that we were having twins. Mum said she already knew we were having twins and really hoped they were two boys. She didn’t get that wish but is very happy to have our little boy/girl twins. She is counting down the days left on their mission in Sydney, Australia until they come home and come see us. They will be here on June 13th for a month. My mom is coming this Friday for 10 days.

They mostly sleep right now. Big shocker… lol

Here is Guy on our first walk together. The kids look like little lumps in the stroller. Pretty soon they will take up a lot more space.

So far I have lost over 30 pounds in a week a half! Right now I am 9 pounds over my starting weight. It seems like no matter how much I eat the pounds keep coming off. My clothes are still a little off fitting though with my gushy belly and c-section incision. I can’t stand for anything to put pressure on that area.

Here’s little Blake sleeping on daddy’s chest to get his temperature back up. He got a little cool a couple days ago.


  1. WOW Shannon! They are amazing! I know that you are going to be an amazing mom! I can’t wait to have one of my own. Someday! Enjoy every minute you have with them! You are so lucky!

  2. You guys
    they are so cute, almost “I said almost”, makes me want to have a baby myself… Glad things are gong well, wish we could be there, but you know how that goes…
    Love Lee, Donna & Sariah

  3. Oh Shannon! They’re adorable! And you guys look pretty good for being up that much at night. I’m so glad everyone is healthy and happy. Thanks for the info and the pics, it’s great to see such a cute family. πŸ˜€

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